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Is Commercial Door Automation Right For You?

Aug 10, 2020

3 Reasons You Need an Automatic Operator on Your Commercial Roll-up Door

Over the last several decades, we've seen automation spread by leaps and bounds across diverse industries; from hotels where you can check in/out and unlock doors with a virtual room key, grocery stores that have eliminated the physical process of grocery shopping, to self-storage facilities where you can control everything down to an individual unit with Smart Technology. It's evident when you increase operational efficiency and satisfy customers with a personal convenience that you can tap into limitless potential, the obvious answer for any industry if you ask me. So why should commercial and industrial door markets be any different?

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Sheet Door Operators

How do you determine when commercial garage door openers are cost effective for your application?

With automatic operations, you can open a variety of benefits for any commercial or industrial application, whether that's a backyard building, storage shed, commercial warehouse, or even a freight terminal. Sustainable benefits that increase efficiency and enhance safety can be cost effective for any project, large or small.

Let's dive into the 3 main benefits...

  1. Life Time Value (LTV)
  2. Operational Efficiency 
  3. Safety

Defining Life Time Value 

Life time value is the worth of your commercial roll-up door over the span of it's operational life. When your door is faced with unnecessary wear and tear, you're decreasing it's life time value and not getting the best return on investment. That's where commercial garage door openers come in.

Let's think about manual operations; did you know they can actually be pretty tough on a door? Think of an individual manually opening and closing a roll-up door, most times it's quickly opened and closed with force, the root cause for that oh too familiar slamming sound. When your door slams up or down it causes damage little by little to it's internal parts, and over time, it effects the sustainability and value of your door. However, when you pair that door with an industry leading opener that has preventative features like soft start/soft stop, your door is no longer responsible for the heavy lifting! Leading commercial garage door openers will soften the open and close of the roll-up door, protecting it from unnecessary and harmful operations, and sustaining it's value over time.

What is Soft Start/Soft Stop?This feature ramps speed up and slows speed down, at the start and end of each cycle. The control of speed reduces the stress on both the commercial roll-up door and it's opener. By protecting your door from harsh operational conditions, you can decrease the amount of maintenance and repair costs that are typically associated with manual entry.

Operational Efficiency

Not only are manual operations tough on your commercial roll-up door, but they're time consuming too! In a busy working environment, we know that time is money, and inefficient doors can be a real money pit! If your doors are used frequently, you could likely benefit from a commercial garage door opener.


Investing in a commercial garage door opener for your application is much safer for your occupants. Many people get hurt every year from manually operating roll-up doors. Those harsh conditions add up over time, and doors can break and cause damage. With a commercial door operator, you can open your door at the push of a button, staying out of harms way. 

You can even enhance safety with photo eyes, safety edges, and other preventative features that protect a working environment even more.

Some features include:

  • Keyed & Electric Lockout
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Photo Electric Sensors/Photo Eyes

Keyed & Electric Lockout

The Shed Master can be installed in exposed locations thanks to it's weather resistant advantage. Because it's often exposed, keyed lockout is included to stop unwanted persons from reaching over a fence and disengaging the door to manual mode. Also, the control panel can be similarly locked out to prevent unauthorized usage.

Intelligent Safety System (ISS)

If contact is made with an obstruction while the door is moving, the opener either stops or reverses the door to reduce the risk of injury or property damage. 

Photo Electric Sensors/Photo Eyes

Photo eyes are used as a non-contact entrapment protection device. If the beam is blocked by an obstruction, the sensor will signal the operator to stop and reverse. This prevents your door from crushing any items that are under the door when closing. 

To further enhance the safety throughout your building, check out IDA's best practices for prevention: Look, Listen, Learn, and Remember.

Whether you're looking for the best commercial garage door opener for your application, a retro-fit solution, or an exterior weather resistant option, we can accommodate virtually any door with an automated solution to enhance your door's life-time-value, operational efficiency, and safety. Click the button below to view our commercial door operator line-up.

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