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It can be easy to get stuck in one mode of thinking when it comes to a unit mix. Whether you’ve owned a self-storage facility for years or you’ve just purchased your first site, it’s important to always keep a pulse on how trends are shifting in your area. Are you near a college? Locker storage could be a great addition to your mix. Close to a retirement home? Bigger units like 10x10 or 10x20 might be a better option for your site

Here are some top considerations to keep in mind when analyzing your unit mix:

  • Bigger isn’t always better. Self-storage used to have a more one-size-fits-all mindset, but that doesn’t really work nowadays. A college student or young professional doesn’t need a massive unit because they just don’t have a lot of items to store. Adding in locker systems or a hallway of swing door units means you can appeal to demographics that only need to put away things like kayaks or extra closet overflow. You can also charge less money for these smaller spaces, which will appeal to these same young people with less disposable income.
  • Boats and RVs need love, too. Are you located in an area with boat and RV owners? Consider offering this type of niche storage at your facility! If you’ve got additional parking lot space, you can install pull-through covered areas for the vehicles to be stored outside. Or for something a little different, consider turning that extra warehouse space into an interior boat and RV storage section.
  • Climate change (the good kind). If you own an older facility, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been dealt the hand of non-climate-controlled storage. For some people this isn’t an issue, but a large majority of modern tenants have come to expect climate-controlled units as a standard offering. If you’re not in a position to revamp your entire facility with climate controlled units, think about doing even a small section as climate controlled – maybe a section of larger units with roll-up doors as well as a few swing door units and lockers. That way you have a little something to offer everyone.


    Regardless of your situation, the experts at Janus International can help you dig through market analyses and research the demographics in your specific self-storage facility’s location.

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