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4 Reasons Why Roll-Up Doors are Perfect for Sheds and Barndominiums

Jun 08, 2021

Which Commercial Doors are Right for You?

Whether you're building a pole barn, shed or barndominium, the type of door you choose for its closure is a big decision. You want a door that's durable, secure and easy-to-use, and that's where commercial roll-up doors come in. In this blog, we'll outline the advantages of installing roll-up doors in a variety of commercial applications. 

4 Reasons roll-up doors are perfect for commercial buildings: 

  1. Durability
  2. Low Maintenance
  3. Heightened Security
  4. Customization

Roll-Up Doors are Durable

Roll-up doors constructed with 26-gauge corrugated curtains manufactured from heavy-duty galvanized grade 80 steel are durable and better equipped to resist dents and dings. The corrugated design gives the steel curtain more strength, making it a popular selection for virtually any commercial application. Commercial roll-up doors can even be finished with a super durable polyester paint coating in over 30 different color options. The durable top coat is corrosion resistant, backed by a 40 year film integrity and a 25 year no fade limited paint warranty. To top it off, heavy duty nylon strapping can be added to help control curtain stretch while deadening sound and reducing wear on the roll-up door. 

Roll-Up Doors are Low Maintenance

When roll-up doors are designed with the dead-axle assembly, they can be a great advantage to any commercial building. This is because the enclosed barrel houses the dead axle assembly and protects the factory lubricated springs from direct contact with environmental elements. The inherent strength provided by the spiral barrel works to minimize axle deflection and provide smoother operations for the roll-up door. And, because its curtain is attached by screws and not seamed to the barrel, replacement of either independent assembly is cost effective, quick and easy. 

In addition to its low maintenance design, roll-up doors take up minimal room, which can be highly beneficial for the interior of pole barns, sheds and barndominiums. By freeing up your overhead space with a commercial door that coils up and over it’s opening, you can take advantage of maximizing
lighting, HVAC systems and much more.

Roll-Up Doors Heighten Security

No matter the use of your commercial building, security should be a top consideration. Roll-up doors can be designed with slide bolt lock assemblies affixed to the bottom bar at each end of the door’s curtain. This fastens through the guide to securely keep the door locked and in the down position.
Padlocks can be attached to the slide to further secure the door.

If you want to take your commercial door’s security up a notch, consider installing an automatic door operator. With a variety of options varying in design and features, you can find a solution that will heighten the security and meet your building’s every need. 

Roll-Up Doors are Customizable

The way your building looks is important, especially if it’s a shed outside of a home or a barndominium that someone's living in. This makes customization the key to aesthetic appeal. By choosing a roll-up door for your commercial building’s closure, you don’t have to sacrifice looks or functionality. With a diverse selection of model sizes, options and colors to choose from, you can customize your commercial door to meet your building’s exact design needs. Here are a few ways you can customize your commercial roll-up doors:

Small changes can make big impacts!

Color | With over 30 durable polyester topcoat color options to choose from, you can make your door stand out or blend in to your current building set-up. These color's can even be corrosion resistant and backed by a 40 year film integrity and 25 year no fade limited paint warranty!

Insulation | If you have a climate controlled building, you should consider insulating an energy efficient roll-up door to help regulate your building's temperature and to save on utility expenses. Roll-up doors can be insulated with a foil backed, dual layer of heavy-duty polyethylene air-bubble insulation. This is secured into place with a strong adhesive and joined by Mylar film to the roll-up door. This insulation can be paired with top and side draft stops as well as weather seals to create the best protection. Insulated doors also help in protecting your building and assets from harmful environmental elements that could cause irreversible damage to valuables.

Automatic Operation | Automation is a popular addition to commercial roll-up doors because they can enhance the convenience of daily operations and heighten building security.

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