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The all-new Noke Smart Entry Bluetooth Keypad is here! If you think all keypads are the same... think again.

"Why Janus?" We'll let Green Storage do the talking!

Watch this video case study to see why Green Storage decided to use the Nokē® Smart Entry System by Janus!

Our Nokē® Smart Entry System is truly changing the self-storage access control game. Our Smart Entry is a Bluetooth electronic lock and total access control system that allows your customers to easily access your self-storage facility and their unit from their smart device.

John Manes of Pinnacle Storage Properties takes old, worn-out facilities and flips them using Janus steel roll up doors, metal hallway systems, and relocatable storage units! Check out our short video to learn how he stays on budget while building with Janus!

Check out this video to see the full layout of our SecurGuard® Smart Entry System. From an inside the door electronic lock to motion sensors to bluetooth enabled mobile entry, the Smart Entry System from Janus is the most advanced security and access control system available in self-storage today.

With the new SecurGuard® Smart Entry System, you can give others access to your storage unit using a digital key. Check out our video to see how this brand new self storage security technology works!

National Self Storage is one of the early-adopters of the new SecurGuard® Smart Entry System. In this video case study, you'll hear how SecurGuard® has helped them save time and create a better experience for their customers!

SecurGuard® Smart Entry System doesn't just unlock your storage unit. It can be used to open gates & man doors as well. Check out our short video to see just how easily this is done!

Universal Insurance Programs has partnered with Janus International's new R3 Certification Program. Hear from their President & CEO, Randy Tipton, about how R3 will help your bottom line!

Randy Tipton of Universal Insurance Programs talks about the importance of replacing your old, worn out doors in this new video!

We sat down with Randy Tipton of Universal Insurance Programs to talk about the importance of ADA compliance at your self-storage facility. Check out our short video to hear what she had to say.

Janus has partnered with a number of insurance companies that are offering up to double digit discounts in many cases on R3 Certification with a full door replacement. Hear from one of our partners, Randy Tipton of Universal Insurance Programs, here!

If you're looking for a way to optimize space, maximize revenue, and increase the overall value of your facility, you've come to the right place! Check out our new Janus International R3 Program explainer video to see how this can be done through Janus!

What do Bluetooth, cloud technology, and Tesla batteries have in common? They're all part of the brand new SecurGuard® Smart Entry System! Watch our explainer video to learn more about how the new SecurGuard® can elevate your facility!

Are your customers describing your run-down self-storage facility as “shady”? Check out our third installment of the #StorageFails video series and learn how the Janus R3 Program can turn your store into a place where tenants feel safe!

Are your units easily broken into? If your lock sits on the outside of the door, this nightmare could become reality! Check out the next installment in our #StorageFails video series and learn how SecurGuard® Smart Entry System can give you peace of mind.

“Good luck if you rent here. Really.” This is a line from a real review written by a real person! What do you do when your store becomes an absolute den of nightmares for your tenants? Check out our video to learn how the Janus R3 Program can help your business avoid #StorageFails!

Dave King of Wentworth Properties sits down with Janus International’s President of the R3 Division, Troy Bix, in this new video whitepaper for Inside Self Storage. Follow along as the two discuss the impact of Janus’s R3 program on King’s ROI, the benefits R3 has brought to his facility, and more!

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Our 650 model door is the leading door in the self storage industry. By watching the instructional video, you’ll see the simple installation process from start to finish.

With a 12″ drum wheel and a 1 year warranty, our Model 2500 door has set the standard for commercial roll up doors. Learn about the easy installation process by watching the step-by-step instructional video.

The Janus International R3 Program is here to Restore. Rebuild. Replace. Check out this testimonial from Ray McRae who used the R3 Program to bring his facility to the next level.