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Best-In-Class Access Control Technologies. Protect Your Property and Your People.

With Access Control Technologies (ACT) our Access Control Services offer high-quality innovation and design created to help improve your operational efficiencies and extend your capabilities all while securing and protecting your valuable assets, resources, and people.

Whether you need to upgrade an outdated access control system, add to an existing one, or commission something brand-new, we have a team of experts that will take your project from concept to completion.

ACT Specialties:

Access Control: As the largest integrator of access control products, like Nokē Smart Entry, our high-tech integration fits within existing onsite infrastructures. Client facilities and unit access solutions can be smarter and more adaptable than ever.

Low Voltage System Design: Our services optimize uptime and scale your communication, data, audio/video, and video surveillance operations. Whether it's a revamp of an existing structured cabling system, a simple network cabling installation, or a significant project that includes a full gamut of video, access control, and audio-visual technologies, our team of experts can design a reliable low voltage system to meet your facility's exact needs in real-time.

Surveillance and Alarm: Our services include a variety of sizable systems designed to provide an operational view, deter theft, and vandalism from your commercial properties. Our custom solutions enable an immediate response to any event which lowers damage costs and creates tenant confidence. Our experienced team ensures quality operation, safety, and dependability when completing your video surveillance and alarm system projects.

Security Gates: With a 30,000-square-foot, in-house, gate manufacturing and refurbishing facility, our team can customize a turnkey security gate from concept to completion, all while ensuring quality, safety, and reliability. Our wide inventory of gate operators eliminates the long manufacturer lead times.

Structured Cabling: Optimize your business communication, data transfer, and facility operations with an effective network and cable infrastructure system. Each structured cabling network is skillfully designed by our experts to provide your business with uniformity, flexibility, scalability, easy and low-cost changes, and investment protection for your business assets.

Service and Maintenance: Let ACT keep your technology systems running at peak performance while protecting you from costly unexpected expenses. Our comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the most cost-effective way to extend the life of your installed systems while significantly reducing business disruptions and downtime.


Masterful Efficiency Meets Dependable Quality

You can expect tight, turnkey systems with unbeatable reliability for the most complex self storage technology system transitions. We can deliver custom solutions to meet your exact needs while providing an unmatched level of customer service and experience.

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