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6 Ways to Improve Your Commercial Warehouse Security

Nov 29, 2021

The Importance of Warehouse Security

While we would all like to think our business would never be the target for theft, it's important to realize that no business is exempt from criminal activity. When buildings such as commercial warehouses and distribution centers are lacking the appropriate security measures, it makes it easy for thieves to quickly make a profit off of your vulnerability. That's why we're discussing perimeter and internal security measures as well as 6 different ways you can increase the security at your commercial warehouse.

Perimeter Security VS. Internal Security

The goal of perimeter security is to deter and prevent individuals from coming onto your property and committing crimes such as theft, burglary and vandalism. This is done best by defending your entry points with a variety of security measures. Perimeter fencing, security cameras, access control technology and durable metal exterior doors are all strong components that improve perimeter security.

Internal security should be in place to capture individuals who breach your perimeter security, or to capture internal personnel committing theft. This is done best by controlling access to specific areas and capturing evidence. High-tech security cameras, access control technology, and alarm systems can serve as fundamental tools in increasing your commercial warehouse's internal security. Let's take a look below at the top 6 ways to improve both perimeter and internal security. 

Infographic on 6 ways to improve your commercial warehouse security

Do Your Metal Exterior Doors Really Matter?

The exterior doors on your building are the most vulnerable point of entry, making it very important to install metal exterior doors that are durable and that will help to deter criminals from targeting your building. 

Dead axle steel roll-up doors are a leading solution for commercial warehouses and buildings for many reasons, one of them being they're constructed from full hard galvanized grade 80 steel and coated with super durable polyester paint. These doors also come with slide bolt lock assemblies affixed to the bottom bar at each end of the door curtain, which fastens through the guide to securely keep the door locked in the down position. Padlocks can be attached to these slides or smart locks can be installed on the door to further secure your door and the building. Dead axle steel roll-up doors are even compatible with a variety of sheet door operators that can automate functionality and increase security.

The icing on the cake? Not only are dead axle steel roll-up doors known for their strength and durability, but they're also known for being easy to install, operate, and maintain. That means you can take advantage of some pretty impressive benefits throughout the extended lifetime of your metal exterior door.

Metal Exterior Doors on Commercial Warehouse

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