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7 Benefits for Upgrading Old Security Cameras at Your Self-Storage Facility

Dec 03, 2021

New Security Cameras = Major Benefits!

When owning or operating a self-storage facility, it can be overwhelming staying on top of every repair and update that needs to be done. The industry has advanced quite rapidly, and it takes a lot of work to qualify as a class A or B property. However, as a self-storage owner-operator, no matter the class of your facility, you share a fundamental obligation to the security and safety of your tenants. This means, old school cameras and outdated security systems are no longer cutting it. Tenants expect more and are willing to go further to find a newer, better facility that offers premium security solutions. By updating the security system at your facility, you can attract more tenants and take advantage of some pretty important benefits.


New Self-Storage Security Camera Benefits:

1. Acquisition and Retention

A property with visible security cameras and systems in place makes people feel safer and can drastically help with tenant acquisition and retention. Imagine you had to choose between staying at two hotels. Option A is an outdated building with poor lighting and no visible security cameras. Option B is quite the opposite. It's a newly renovated hotel that's bright and welcoming with security cameras in the parking lot and lobby. Staying at option B is a no brainer and the same could be applied to self-storage facilities. Tenants are willing to search until they find a higher-class property with better offerings. Since the majority of final storage decisions are made by females, making tenants feel safe is a huge factor in staying relevant in the adapting industry.

2. Prevention

It's important to remember that no business is exempt from theft. Luckily, the presence of security cameras and good lighting around your facility can deter criminal activity from occurring on your site. After all, people are less likely to commit a crime right in front of a security camera because it greatly increases the chance of them being caught. 

3. Lead Generation

Not only do cameras deter criminal activity, but they're also a great tool for capturing activity when perimeter security is breached. The newer the technology, the better you're going to see and the more likely you'll catch the individual in action. IP cameras are a great option for self-storage facilities because they have high-resolution, great zooming capabilities and can be cloud enabled.

4. The Cloud

The cloud is a major development that has drastically changed the way owner-operators structure and operate their businesses. It uses remote servers that allow us to access resources via the Web, unlocking a variety of robust benefits such as unlimited storage and 24/7 easy access to security footage.

5. App Based Monitoring

With smart cameras around your facility, you can view live footage from a mobile app or online web portal in real-time. Most portals show all cameras on one convenient screen, allowing you to click on the individual camera to view its live footage, zoom in or use features such as two-way audio. This gives you more visibility over your site and helps site managers keep an eye on the property when working remotely.

Noke Smart Entry Web Portal Viewing Live Security Camera Footage

6. New Features

New security cameras mean new smart features designed to increase convenience and help site managers view and protect their property. The latest video surveillance cameras are cloud enabled, integrate with access control technology, have high-resolution, two-way audio and allow you to zoom in without losing an absurd amount of resolution. The better the camera, the more protection your facility will have.

7. Increased NOI

Tenants are willing to pay for higher security and better offerings, that's why  facilities in every demographic are able to charge higher rental rates and implement fees such as technology fees for smart units. As you can imagine, this gives the owner-operator the ability to generate more revenue per square foot and  increase their net operating income (NOI). 

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