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Top 4 Benefits of Installing Diamond Plate at Your Storage Facility

Feb 22, 2023

Are Diamond Plate Kick Plates a Self-Storage Owner's Best Friend?

If you've ever walked down the hallway at an older self-storage facility, chances are, you've seen dents, dings, and scuff marks. Damage to your hallway systems from dollies, hand trucks, carts, and customers is practically unavoidable when left unprotected.

While signs of wear and tear show you're getting significant foot traffic and that business is booming, it also means that constant repairs and maintenance are in your future. Luckily, you can protect your walls and key surfaces from damage, while enhancing the aesthetics of your facility, by installing diamond plate kick plates.

4 Benefits of Installing Diamond Plate: 

  1. Increases the aesthetic appeal of your self-storage facility
  2. Protects vulnerable surfaces from incidental damage
  3. Virtually eliminates the need for cosmetic repairs
  4. Reduces long-term maintenance and labor costs

It's fairly common for self-storage customers to inspect a facility before committing to a lease. Whether they're wanting to ensure it's well-maintained or secure, it's important your facility stays in great shape with limited visible defects. After all, first impressions are often lasting impressions.

While they're partially known for their good looks, diamond plates kick plates are more than just a pretty face. They're strong, durable, and designed to protect vulnerable surfaces from incidental damage. Their raised pattern emphasizes strength and minimizes the risk and looks of dents, scuffs, and scratches. By installing diamond plate kick plates around the interior of your self-storage facility, you can easily cover and prevent dinged-up hallway systems that may deter clients.

One of the biggest advantages of installing diamond plate kick plates throughout your self-storage facility is that they virtually eliminate the need for cosmetic repairs. As a result, the long-term maintenance and labor costs associated with repairing hallway systems are greatly reduced. While there's an upfront cost associated with any add-on, this site addition is strategically designed to save you time and money in the long run.

diamond plate installed in hallway system at self storage facility

Where Can You Install Diamond Plate Kick Plates?

Diamond plate kick plates can be installed on flush or corrugated hallway systems. Since some manufacturers produce diamond plate kick plates in large sections, such as 12" tall by 10' strips, you can cover a substantial amount of the hallway system with just a few pieces. 

These diamond plate kick plates are an ideal enhancement for both new self-storage construction and existing facilities because installation can be completed with little to no disruption to your tenants. If you're looking for an easy and cost-effective option for preventative maintenance, diamond plate kick plates are the perfect addition to your self-storage facility.

Diamond plate around bathroom door at self storage facility

Ready to get Started with Diamond Plate Kick Plates?

Check out our page discussing diamond plate kick plates to learn how to get started installing them on your next self-storage construction project!

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