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How do Insulated Roll up Doors Capture the Best Value? [Infographic]

Jun 23, 2020

What are the Advantages of Insulating a Steel Roll up Door?

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The importance of insulation is no secret, that's why almost all homes around the world are insulated, no matter the climate they're in. Commercial and industrial facilities are no exception. If you're interested in a climate controlled warehouse, freight terminal, or even backyard hobby-shop, insulating your steel roll up doors can unlock a variety of benefits for each operation. 

When you invest in insulated steel roll up doors, not only are you achieving the benefits that go hand-in-hand with thermal efficiency,  but you're simultaneously capturing the design advantages that steel roll-up doors have to offer the commercial and industrial application; such as, space saving designs, sustainability, and more!

Check out our [INFOGRAPHIC] below for more details on the attainable value and advantages you can obtain with insulated steel roll up doors.

infographic- advantages of insulated roll up doors


Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Insulated steel roll up doors were created to sustain internal temperatures while saving you money on utility bills. Check out the featured article provided by DASMA, 'Why Insulated Garage Doors Make Sense', to gain industry insight and learn some impressive statistics on why insulating your commercial steel doors makes sense. For example, facility owners can save up to 20% on annual energy bills with proper insulation!

Temperature Control

Whether you're insulating your steel roll up doors for the sake of people or products, temperature control is important in every climate. Insulation works to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all-the-while minimizing your energy consumption.

Increased Durability

Another layer added to your door's curtain is going to contribute to greater durability and protection from both weather related, and non-weather related issues. Whether that's the blazing sun or a accident caused by a worker. With more security to your property, you'll have sustainable doors sure to last longer over the years.

Reduction of Sound Transmission

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a numerical rating of a material or assembly's ability to resist airborne sound transfer. Any air gaps in this material or assembly can degrade it's ability to prevent the spread of noise. With proper insulation paired with the right weather stripping, commercial and industrial doors can work to reduce the noise pollution into, out of, and throughout a busy warehouse.



We use a polyethylene insulation that comes as an available option on every Roll-up door model. This is a foil backed, dual layer of heavy-duty "air-bubble" insulation (see photo below for reference). The polyethylene insulation is secured into place with a strong adhesive and joined by a mylar film to ensure it's integrity for thermal efficiency.

Commercial Steel Doors with Polyethylene Insulation

Don't forget weather stripping! No matter how well your commercial/industrial door is insulated, if you don't have the proper weather stripping, air can still be passed between your building and the outside. Air leaks are common around moving building components, especially doors and windows. This makes it crucial for you to invest in the proper weather stripping to capture all the benefits that an insulated steel roll up door has to offer your facility. 

Steel Roll up Doors on Commercial Building

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