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How To Get The Most Space Out Of Relocatable Self Storage Units

Jun 22, 2020

Are You Tired of Claustrophobic Relocatable Storage Units?

We all know that relocatable self storage units are a great solution for utilizing unused land that may not be fit for traditional ground-up self storage. Unfortunately, not all portable storage units are built with tenants in mind. When units are too small and space is limited, tenants are restricted on the quality and/or size of items they're able to accommodate inside of their units. Not to mention, loading and unloading their valuables can become a hassle! MASS units deliver the same look, feel, and functionality as a traditional self storage, while delivering 40% more cubic sq. ft. than converted shipping containers or foldable shippable containers. That's right, not all portable storage units have to be claustrophobic! 

MASS portable storage units on site in Yorkdale Ontario

MASS relocatable storage units deliver 40% more cubic square feet than converted shipping containers or foldable shippable containers.


Moving items into a storage unit can be a frustrating and time consuming process, especially when that storage unit is capped out at 8' tall and  8' wide, limiting the height and width of the unit's door. When portable units are expanded to 10' tall and 10' wide, there's the perfect amount of room to unload, load, and store items with ease.

Industry leading roll-up doors contribute to space savings design of MASS relocatable storage units. These low profile doors are designed to roll up and store out of the way when in the open position. With their high quality, grade 80 steel and innovative design, these roll-up doors contribute to space savings, require virtually no maintenance, and are sure to last. 


Investing in portable storage units that maximize space benefit not only tenants, but facility owners too. 



With larger openings and more room inside of each unit, no matter the unit mix, tenants can accommodate more items and access their valuables with ease. These units can even be customized with shelving to enhance the organizational needs of tenants, alleviating the game of Tetris each time they need to access a sparsely used item from the back of their unit. Additionally, with the drive-up convenience of portable storage units, unloading and loading items has never been easier. 



More space for the tenant means more rent-able square feet for you. Facility owners can charge a higher rate per unit and achieve greater returns on their investment by utilizing size conscious relocatable storage units. You'll quickly find that tenants are willing to pay higher rates for these units because of the convenience, quality, and experience they're receiving.

Just make sure to follow the best practices when increasing rental rates.


Security and Convenience are two of the most important factors in self storage, and with relocatable storage units, you can achieve them both while satisfying growing demands. After all, The United States self-storage market is expected to register a compounded annual growth rate of 8% over the forecast period 2019-2024. So, whether it's a drive-up convenience, the ease of loading and unloading items, or everything in between, relocatable storage units can help your facility sustain demands, reach capacity, and maximize revenue.

portable storage units in parking lot
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