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Three Ways to Compare Self-Storage Technology to the Super Bowl LVII

Feb 07, 2023

Is Self-Storage Technology More Than Fun and Games?

While you may think self-storage and football are two worlds apart, when we take a look at how technology is being used in those industries, they're actually quite similar. Whether you're rooting for the Chiefs or cheering on the Eagles, we should all be able to agree that technology has made our lives easier from a consumer standpoint. From selecting your seats and purchasing tickets online to scheduling travel arrangements and entering the stadium with nothing but your phone, learn how we make the comparison of the Super Bowl LVII to the adoption of technology in the self-storage industry.

1. How did you purchase your Super Bowl LVII game ticket?

Ticket platforms such as StubHub and TicketMaster have made our lives, as consumers, so much easier by going digital. In one convenient and online location, we can do everything from checking availability, making a seat selection, checking out, and even downloading our tickets. 

More and more companies are going digital these days because it removes the obstacles between the consumer and the product. Once manual and mundane processes such as buying an event ticket, grocery shopping, or even renewing your vehicle's tag, are now fully automated and customer driven. Not only do we as consumers love this, but it's easier on the host too.

Now, companies can fully automate operational processes, allowing them to streamline their operations, increase efficiencies, and oftentimes, save money on reduced expenses. Scanning a QR code or digital ticket takes seconds, increases security, and provides you with an exact count of attendance for your record. Going digital allows you to take advantage of a number of reporting tools too.

In a very similar way, self-storage facilities are taking their operations online and implementing automated rentals via digital keys. Tenants can view a site's availability and rates, select their unit, make their payment, and gain immediate access to the facility and their unit door, without ever having to speak to a site manager. Once manual, mundane, and lengthy onboarding processes are now tenant driven and can be completed in less than one minute. Not only does this bring an unmatched level of convenience to the consumer, but it's easier on the self-storage owner and operator too. As a result, self-storage technology is only increasing in popularity.

Noke ONE lock showing self-storage access control with mobile app

2. What are your travel arrangements for the Super Bowl LVII?

After you've chosen your seat and purchased your ticket from Philly or KC online, what are your other travel arrangements? From booking flights to checking into hotel rooms, most travel arrangements can, and will, be completed online. Once you get to your hotel in Arizona, you can even bypass the lengthy check-in process by downloading the hotel's app on your phone and accessing a digital room key. 

If you're partaking in the tailgating fun on Super Bowl Sunday, you'll likely need to schedule an Uber or Lyft to get you safely to and from the State Farm Stadium. These apps can be downloaded on your mobile phone, and you can simply request a ride and pay for that ride with a simple click of a button. The entire Super Bowl experience - from purchasing tickets, booking hotel rooms, scheduling rides, and entering the stadium - can be brought to life from the palm of your hand. Today, we're seeing this implemented more and more in the self-storage industry too.

2. How will you enter the State Farm Stadium for the Super Bowl LVII?

In today's tech-centered world, most games, shows, and events accept digital tickets. This means, no more driving to the ATM to withdraw cash, printing tickets out, having tickets mailed to you, or claiming tickets at the box office. With digital tickets, fans can enter the stadium more conveniently, at a faster pace, and with fewer human errors and hold-ups. 

When operations are taken online, you can take advantage of reporting at your fingertips. Data mining occurs in the background, helping companies and websites/apps learn your purchasing behavior. While sports teams can use this information to view attendance records and analyze which sites and times sold the most tickets, self-storage facilities can use data mining to tailor business hours for peak activity.

More and more industries are eliminating the barriers between their consumers and products. This strategy is spreading like wildfire because consumers of all ages and demographics crave self-driven experiences. Think of Amazon, one of the largest retailers in the world, for example. If you want a specific item, you can get it delivered to your doorstep in mere hours with a simple click of a button. This eliminates driving to the mall, sifting through a rack, making a physical and time-consuming purchase, and driving back home with a wasted day. All transactions are completed digitally, instantly, and with data mining occurring in the background so companies like Amazon can advertise the right product at the right time to the right consumer.

Adopting digital keys and removing barriers such as physical keys and padlocks creates a whole new ball game for self-storage owners, operators, and consumers. For example, site managers no longer have to physically walk around the facility to check unit statuses, perform overlocks on delinquent units, or help tenants who've lost their physical key or combination. Now, tenants can monitor their self-storage units in real-time, check activity, and share access from the palm of their hands. 

Making technology a part of your self-storage game plan is a smart business move. Not only is it proven to attract and retain customers, but it can help you reduce operational expenses while significantly increasing your revenue stream. Don't sit on the sidelines while the rest of the industry is innovating.

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