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How Smart Entry Will Make Life Easier for Boat and RV Storage

Jun 28, 2021

Enjoying the Summer with Smart Self-Storage

As summertime approaches and RV and boat ownership are at an all-time high, it’s important to evaluate and consider the needs of these specialty tenants around your facility. Tenants paying for this niche in storage are far too familiar with the hassle of getting out of their vehicles, punching in a code at the gate, running back to their vehicles and quickly driving through the gate before their timer runs out. It can be stressful, and it’s most definitely not convenient for the tenant. That’s why we’re discussing the smart entry system and how it enhances the tenant experience in many ways, including opening the gate without ever getting out of a vehicle.

In this blog, we’ll discuss:

  1. How smart entry access benefits RV and boat tenants
  2. How smart entry access benefits the owner operator
  3. How smart entry access heightens security needed for recreational vehicles
  4. Ways to enhance the customer experience for RV and boat tenants

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Smart Entry System [Benefits for the Tenants]

The smart entry system utilizes a Bluetooth locking solution that allows tenants to access self-storage facilities via smartphone or dedicated Bluetooth key fob. This smart locking solution eliminates the need for old school padlocks and keys, and makes entry access more secure and convenient than ever before. The smart entry system even encompasses a variety of features designed to make life easier for the tenant, such as digital key sharing, one-touch entry and find my unit. 

Smart Features That Make Life Easier for the Tenant:

Digital Key Sharing: If a tenant needs to share access to their self-storage unit with a friend, family member or whomever, they can do so quickly and easily through a digitally shared key. This shared key is temporary, revocable at any time and both the tenant and operator will have direct insight into each time that unit was accessed during the key sharing period.

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One Touch Entry: One touch entry is a built-in feature that can unlock access points and unit doors automatically, activated by a notification on your smart device. By accepting this notification, each access point will automatically unlock when the user reaches a certain proximity. This is highly beneficial for tenants carrying items to and from storage units, because it allows them to move through the facility hands free. 

Find My Unit: When storage units are equipped with the Nokē® ONE  smart lock, tenants can use find my unit to navigate the self-storage facility easier than ever before. By pressing “Find Unit” on the home page of their smart entry app, their smart lock will make sound and flash for roughly 15 seconds, helping the tenant find their unit quickly and efficiently. This is beneficial for first time renters, tenants who don’t come to the facility very often and shared key users.

Smart Entry System [Benefits for the Operator]

While the smart entry system has a lot to offer tenants when it comes to security and convenience, there’s an abundance of benefits for the owner operator too. From heightened security to contactless rentals and automated lock checks and overlocking processes – facility owners can take advantage of remote management while increasing their property value and charging higher rental rates per unit.

Smart Features That Make Life Easier for Owner Operators:

Remote Management: The smart entry system gives operators the ability to remotely manage their facility. They can arm and disarm entry points from their mobile app or online web portal, and an automatic activity log is generated and stored on the cloud so you’ll know exactly who’s on your site at all times. When owner operators install smart locks on every unit door, they can increase security and have even more insight into tenant activity. The Nokē ONE smart lock comes with a thermal motion sensor inside each unit door. That means, you’ll know immediately if someone is sleeping inside a unit or accessing one they’re not supposed to.

Heightened Security: The demographic that’s investing in recreational items such as RVs and boats wants to make sure their valuables are well protected. This involves storing them at a facility that takes security and convenience seriously. With the smart entry system, you can control access per tenant and elevate your site’s security to the highest level.

Higher Rental Rates: Offering secure and convenient access to specialty storage, such as RV and boat storage, increases your property value and allows you to charge higher rental rates per unit.

Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience for RV and Boat Tenants

Because storing boats on the water can get quite costly, and many neighborhoods have regulations against storing recreational vehicles in one’s driveway, investing in this niche in storage can be quite rewarding. By offering the highest security and convenience to your specialty tenants, you can attract more business and optimize your ROI. Here are a few offerings you can implement at your facility to make life easier on tenants investing in RV and boat storage:

  • A smart entry system to enhance security and accessibility
  • Covered storage options to protect RVs and boats from weather
  • Free compressed air for inflating RV and boat trailer tires
  • A wash station so tenants can clean their RVs and boats before putting them back into storage
  • Wide isles that allow tenants to easily maneuver around the facility
  • Pull-through or back-in space access
  • Power operated commercial roll-up doors for larger sized units
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