How to Increase the Life-time Value of Your Commercial Steel Doors

Oct 21, 2019

Getting the most out of your Commercial STEEL Doors


Time is valuable, and chances are there's 100 other things on your list you'd rather do than perform an evaluation on your steel roll up garage doors. But trust us - taking the time to do this step will save you money and increase your profits over time, making the time invested well worth it!

First Things First.
Sturdy steel doors already have an advantage of being easily sustainable with very little maintenance. With the addition of regular inspections, evaluations, and maintenance checks, you'll be set to get the longest life out of your commercial steel doors. Take a peak below to learn four awesome benefits that come with the investment of your time!

Commercial Steel Door Benefits

Additional things to remember during this process:

1. Make sure your doors are installed by a trained rolling door technician.

2. Make sure maintenance is performed by experienced and qualified personnel.

3. Parts, components, assemblies, etc. that are determined to be defective, worn, or unsafe by performance evaluation or preventative maintenance programs must result in rolling sheet door assembly taken out of service.

4. It's mandatory that all Janus International commercial door experts and other technicians, installers, and future maintenance staff comply fully with all Janus safety information, procedures, and instructions.


The Bottom Line.. when your door is down or damaged, you are losing money! We don't want that for you, and you most definitely don't want that for yourself. So invest your time! Take the necessary preventative measures that will benefit you by checking out our Operation and Maintenance Manual provided below.

Commercial Steel Doors in Freight Terminal

Do you know what to look for when evaluating your Commercial Steel Door?

Check out our Operational and Maintenance Manual Today!

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