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Commercial Doors That Save You Time and Money

Oct 29, 2019

Low Maintenance Commercial STEEL Doors

Are you in a warehouse, freight terminal, or commercial/industrial building that's home to hundreds or even thousands of steel roll-up doors? If so, we all know the thought of maintenance on that many doors is nothing short of overwhelming! But don't worry - Janus has taken extra steps during production to save you time, money, and stress during this all-consuming process.

Roll up door



At Janus, we understand the value of time and money when it comes to your daily operations, that's why we've made our steel roll-up doors virtually maintenance free!


Our doors are designed with less parts that neatly fit into a barrel, offering a strong layer of protection from environmental elements. Not only are important components enclosed inside the barrel for better protection and convenience, but the springs in your door come pre-greased! This saves you time and money while increasing the operational efficiency and longevity of your commercial steel doors!


While you already have the benefit of a low maintenance door when you choose Janus, there are still a few simple tips we suggest! When it comes to easy maintenance for your commercial steel doors, we recommend wiping down the guide strips and curtains to remove any dust that could have collected. This will boost not only your door's operational efficiency, but their appearance too! 


Here's a few additional tips and tricks we suggest when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your commercial steel doors in the simplest way!

Roll-Up Door Tips

Overall, by capturing features that could be completed during production (like factory lubricated springs), we've allowed our customers to maintain the quality of their doors with the least amount of time, effort, and money invested. 


Choosing Janus for your next project is a surefire way to ensure a cost advantage when it comes to commercial doors. For more information on taking care of your steel roll-up doors, check out our Operation and Maintenance Manual provided below to ensure you're getting the best value!

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