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What's In Your Commercial Door? The Pantheon Door Operator

Oct 16, 2019

3 Benefits to Pairing the Pantheon with your Commercial Steel Door

The Pantheon Commercial/Industrial electric motor operation from Janus International was designed to increase the operational efficiency in a variety of commercial applications.

Available for the following door models: 

  • Series 2000
  • Series 2500
  • Series 3100
  • Series 3400
  • Series 3652

Being a low voltage DC motor, the Pantheon is much more quiet and efficient than standard AC motors, and it fits neatly inside the torque tube of the roll-up door, requiring no additional side room. Those aren't it's only benefits though...

The 3 Key Benefits Include:

  1. Longevity
  2. Convenience
  3. Simplicity



When you're in a commercial/industrial setting, you want to get the most value out of your products, and the Pantheon is the perfect solution. By incorporating several features that work together to increase strength and reduce stress on the motor, the Pantheon is subject to a longer life cycle. 

Some features include:

  • Soft Start and Soft Stop. This ensures the roll-up door will open and close both gently and smoothly, reducing stress inflicted on the motor and increasing it's longevity.
  • Internal Reduction Gear System. This system strengthens the Pantheon, making it an easier process to raise and lower the commercial door curtain. Since the motor doesn't have to work as hard to do it's job, It can last a lot longer than standard motors.
  • Logic Control Center. This is responsible for making sure the Pantheon is operating at optimally at all times by individually controlling small force adjustments that compensate for operational imbalances.
  • Low Voltage DC Motor. DC motors are a quiet, safe, and efficient option when compared to standard AC motors.



By the easy connection of external devices, you can customize your commercial roll-up door to meet your every need. This allows you to incorporate features that would be beneficial to your operation, and avoid ones that you don't have the need for.

Some accommodations include:

  • Remote control operation: Operation via remote control is Ideal for frequently used doors where convenience is a priority.
  • Automatic Reversing: The safety mechanism ensures the operator will stop and reverse its downward closing motion if it encounters an obstruction. This reduces the risk of damage, repair costs, and down time.
  • Handing Option: The drive unit can be fitted to either LH or RH side of the door for your preference.



At Janus, we've put impressive thought on how to maximize the consumer experience during every process. With this in mind, the Pantheon offers a quick and easy process during all stages, from installation to its every day operation. 

Here's how:

  • Installation: Electronic limits help save the installer time and effort, resulting in an easy and simple set up process.
  • Space: The Pantheon was designed to fit INSIDE of the torque tube of the roll-up door, requiring no side-room and allowing you to maximize the space inside of your building.
  • Conversion: During a power outage or any event that calls for your door being operated in the manual position, the Pantheon is prepared for an easy transition. With a lever that's ground level, you don't have to worry about keeping a ladder on stand-by for this transition. 
  • 18:1 Reduction Chain Operation: This patented design ensures an effortless operation of the rolling door in the manual condition.


The Pantheon was truly designed with the consumer in mind, allowing your Janus roll-up door to perform exactly as needed, while incorporating sustainability, simplicity, and efficiency along the way. If you'd like more information, check out our Pantheon Brochure below!

Pantheon Commercial

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