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The Best Operator for an Exterior Roll up Door

Sep 09, 2020

Rain or Shine, there's a secure solution for your roll-up door

It's an obvious problem that exterior doors are vulnerable to unauthorized and forcible entry. After all, it's often the first entry point burglars target on a building. According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program, forcible entry consumes a whopping 60.5% of all burglaries. Over 20% of those are to commercial buildings, making it pretty important for you to take action. So how do you arm your building and protect it against the threat of criminals?

Believe it or not, with advanced technology, automation is a great tool to enhance the security on exposed perimeter doors. Operators designed with tough, IP24 rated weather resistant housing, paired with a hood to cover the barrel/door/motor assembly, are perfect for vulnerable applications because they're constructed for harsh environments and can incorporate industry leading security features to enhance your application.


How do automatic operators increase security?

automatic door operator- shed master

With automatic operators, you can eliminate a number of features that make your doors vulnerable; for example, side locks. Do you know how fast a burglar can remove a lock? They've mastered the practice of snapping it off with a pair of bolt cutters in just a few seconds, leaving your building completely exposed, vulnerable and unprotected.

So you add a weather resistant operator to your commercial/industrial door, what's to stop someone from reaching over the fence and disengaging the motor to manual mode? That's where secured access control comes in.

With keyed and electronic lockout features, you can stop unwanted persons from tampering with the operation of your automatic door. Control panels can also prevent unauthorized entry with a built-in lockout system.


Want to see just how compatible and secure an automatic operator can be for damp environments?

Check out the video below to see the Shed Master in action, protecting a boat slip while providing the owner the convenience of automation.

Click the image below to watch the Shed Master in action!

Shed Master Operators on Boathouse YouTube Video

Just because a motor is "rugged" and built for durability in exterior applications, doesn't mean it can't have brains, too. With industry leading  intelligent features such as Intelligent Safety System and Door Profiling - your door can adjust itself when opening and closing if blocked. These features work to enhance safety and prevent injury or damage in the event of an obstruction. But these aren't it's only impressive features!


Standard Features of the Shed Master include: 

  • Tough weather resistant housing
  • Slim but powerful motor
  • Secure access control
  • Automatic Technology's own TrioCode 128 Transmitter System
  • Service Indicator
  • And more! (Download the Brochure to Learn)

If you need an automated solution to last in damp conditions, this is the opener for your door! Click the image below to download our Shed Master brochure to learn more about how it can serve your exterior application with safety and convenience.

Shed Master Brochure Capture

Check out our Shed Master Brochure!

Click the image or button below to download our brochure and learn more about our exterior solution for door automation.


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