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Designer Trends in Self Storage

Dec 05, 2018

Keeping Up With The Latest Design Trends In Self-Storage


When you used to drive past a self storage facility, it probably wasn't the most interesting thing to look at am I right? These days, self storage has become more than just a place to store and keep up with your personal belongings. So what kind of designer trends are we seeing today? Here are a few tips and examples of other facilities who have jumped on board with the latest trends self storage has to offer...

Multi-level Facilities

You're most likely starting to see more multi-level facilities rather than single level self storage facilities. This is saving facility owners a chunk of change and allowing them to build their facilities vertically without the cost or worry of having to acquire more land. In order to save money but also have a better quality facility, self storage owners are starting to build up, using less land. This allows you to build vertically instead of having to acquire more land as your facility continues to attract more business.



Faux Doors


You have your self storage building and you're open for business... but how do people really know that you're a self storage facility? Many facilities have incorporated faux storage doors inside of their buildings, allowing owners to put in large windows to better advertise that they are a self storage facility. In addition to this design trend, facility owners have also made their colors and branding more recognizable to their customers to stand out more. 



Climate Control


Indoor storage gives you the ability to control the climate of your building. No more having to worry about your tenants sweating to death when moving their valuables into their units. Tenants can also rest easier knowing that their belongings will not be damaged by the extreme outdoor temperatures.



Upgraded Security & Access Control


By upgrading your security and access system, you have the ability to limit access while also providing customer convenience. In multi-level facilities, you can also restrict tenant access to only the floors in which they are renting a unit. In this case, they would only have elevator access to the floor their unit is located on. Many owners have also incorporated Bluetooth security into their facilities. Not only does this ensure your tenants a more secure self storage experience, but it also gives them the ability to access their unit straight from their smart phones... awesome right? Why have to remember codes and keep up with key cards when it's as simple as a touch of a button straight from your own device.



Watch the video below to see how you can starting providing a better customer experience, while upgrading your security and access control system with Nokē® Smart Entry by Janus.








If you own a multi-level facility, adding elevators is a must! Not only have they become one of the biggest design trends in self storage, but they have also helped tenants move their valuables in and out with ease. As mentioned above, this definitely ensures the tenants valuables are safe due to restricted access to their floor only. 



Drive-Thru Facilities


Now facilities have it to where you can drive your vehicle through the entry of the building, but this is a huge convenience for tenants. This awesome feature gives you the ability to stay inside of your vehicle without having to get out when incorporating a Bluetooth access control system. Check out the example below...






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