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How Remote Management is Taking the Ball-and-Chain out of Self-Storage

May 21, 2021

Crushing the Competition with Better Service – Remotely!

While many companies are starting to go back into the office for work, there’s no denying that the pandemic has shifted the way a large segment of the workforce will continue to operate. According to this study conducted by Pew Research Center, 71% of their subject began working from home after the start of the pandemic, and more than half, given the choice, would like to remain working from home post pandemic. It comes as no shock, as most people have found that they can complete their job with very few complications while working from the comfort of their own home – all while saving money and gaining more life hours. So, why does operating a self-storage facility have to be any different? With the right technology, you can break the chain holding you to your self-storage facility and take advantage of remote management.

What technology do you need for a remotely managed facility? Smart Entry Access and Bluetooth Smart Locks

When talking about remote management, we’re talking about much more than just online rentals. We’re talking about Bluetooth electronic smart locks and a total access control system that allows customers to easily access your facility and their unit doors from a smart device or dedicated fob– without any intervention from the staff!

Remote management starts at the gate

With smart entry access, you can toss aside easily forgotten keys and unsecure keypads and gate codes. After all, codes and keys are untraceable, and can be permanently shared with people who have no real reason for being at your self-storage facility. Instead, smart entry access utilizes a Bluetooth electronic lock, which allows tenants to open gates with their smart device or Bluetooth key fob, without even getting out of their car.

Smart watch for Noke appThe best part? With a cloud based access control system, owners and operators can arm entry points from the palm of their hand via smartphone (or smart watch) or online web portal. All entry point activity is automatically monitored and stored on the cloud, so you’ll know who’s on your site at all times. If a tenant shares a temporary digital key with someone needing to get into their unit, it can be revoked at any time and the activity log will record each time that unit was accessed during the key sharing time frame.

Often times, online rentals still require an operator to come on-site for things such as removing store locks for new tenants, or overlocking delinquent units that have missed a payment. With electronic smart locks on every self-storage unit door, admins can remotely lock and unlock units through the app or web portal. This heightens the security of individual units while making life easier for site managers by automating the lock checking and overlocking processes.

Not only do smart locks secure the unit door, but they also monitor interior unit motion and body heat- so you’d know immediately if someone was breaking into a unit or living inside of a unit. Because of the premium features offered by smart entry access and Bluetooth smart locks, owners and operators are able to work remotely, heighten the security at their facility and charge premiums for their self-storage units.

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