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How to Take Advantage of Customized Access Control at Your Storage Facility

Aug 16, 2021


Every self-storage facility, no matter it's size or location, should be equipped with a gate around it's perimeter as a way of controlling who can enter the property. While some methods are more secure than others, gates paired with the right access control system can help prevent unauthorized people from accessing your facility and potentially vandalizing units or committing break-ins. 

It's important when choosing an access control system for your facility that you're choosing the very best one for your site's needs. While security starts at the gate, it's important to take it all the way to the individual units too. The best way to do this is by installing a total access control system that's cloud based and uses Bluetooth electronic smart locks on individual unit doors and entry points. This will allow you to toss out those dated, unsecure keys and codes while customizing access to your self-storage facility per tenant.



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With Bluetooth electronic smart locks installed on entry points and unit doors, tenants can use their favorite smart device (or Bluetooth key fob) to unlock designated gates, doors and even elevators around the facility. This innovative technology allows owner operators to control what entry points individual tenants have access to, creating a more customized approach to site security.

If a tenant has a ground-level unit, you can restrict their access to the stairs and elevator doors to keep them from going into unauthorized territory. You can also allow certain users to have 24/7 access, or access to areas with dumpsters or restrooms. This takes the hassle out of remembering keys and codes while enhancing the level of security at your self-storage facility and allowing you to have more visibility and control into whose coming and going from your property at all times.

Nokē ONE lock on Orange Self-Storage Door


  • No more keys and codes
  • One touch entry
  • A safer experience

Customized access control creates and all-around safer experience for the tenant. Not only does it work to keep trespassers out of your facility, but it keeps customers in their designated areas which reduces crime and makes tenants feel safer when visiting your self-storage facility.

Not only can tenant's take advantage of a customized self-storage experience with Bluetooth electronic locks, but they can benefit from One Touch Entry too. This smart feature sends an instant notification to the tenant's smart device once they arrive at the facility. If accepted, each entry point they have access to will unlock as they step into a certain proximity. This is a great tool for tenants moving items to and from their storage units who don't have a free hand to unlock gates and doors.


  • Less Crime
  • More Visibility
  • Total Access Control
  • Remote Management

Customized access control let's operators take a seat of control while also making life easier for the tenant. Not only does this heighten the security at your self-storage facility, but it allows owners and operators to take advantage of remote management too. This means near or far you can arm and disarm entry points around your facility - all from the palm of your hand. If a tenant is having difficulty entering your site or their unit, you can open the gate or unit door from your mobile app or online web portal - allowing you to manage your facility remotely while having more visibility into the activity on your site through a smart entry system.

Nokē ONE lock on Blue self-storage door

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