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How to Keep Tenants Happy During a Self-Storage Renovation

Aug 11, 2021

Navigating Tenants during a Self-Storage Renovation

Whether you're repaving a parking lot, replacing old doors or tackling a total self-storage renovation, working around your customers doesn't have to be a complicated or stressful task. In fact, many projects can be completed without closing-up shop or turning away business. With the right tips, tricks and tools, you can complete a total self-storage renovation with minimal to no disruption to your tenants - all while adding value to your property to drive revenue.

Self-Storage Hallway Replacement - Before_After

While the thought of tackling a total self-storage renovation can be overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. Consider taking your self-storage renovation one project at a time, or even on a floor by floor basis, to help ensure your tenants don't face any major disruptions when visiting your facility. Focusing in on each project and location will also help you stay organized throughout the renovation process and give you ample time to notify tenants of any work that may interfere with their visit.

Here are 4 self-storage renovation projects that don't have to be intimidating: 

  • Door Replacements

Doors say a lot about your self-storage facility, and when they start to age, it's important to replace them to keep tenants safe and happy. With the door replacement program at Janus, you can pass aside the heavy-lifting of the project. We can take care of everything, from assembling and dispatching the installation teams to discarding the old doors. Best of all, you can potentially take advantage of tax savings from your door replacement project to pay for significant capital improvements to the rest of your facility, like ABC Self-Storage has done.

Installing brand new roll-up doors at your facility doesn't have to be a daunting and time-consuming project either. With the right roll-up door and install crew, you can replace up to 25 doors in less than 24 hours. That's very little downtime for some major rewards!

  • Hallway Reskins

You don't have to bring in the bulldozer if you're tired of that outdated hallway. From traditional roll-up doors and swing doors to wine storage and locker systems, the options for a hallway re-skin are close to endless. Re-skinning your hallway can add variety to your unit mix and drastically increase your property value.

Learn how replacing your doors and hallways can significantly increase your property value!

R3 Video on replacing doors and hallways to increase property value


  • Smart Locks and Access Control Systems

Bluetooth electronic smart locks can be retrofitted onto the exterior of your existing roll-up or swing unit door, making enhancing your facility's access control system easier than ever before. Since the Nokē ONE smart lock is installed on the outside of the unit door, it eliminates the need to run low voltage, resulting in less time spent inside each unit during installation and less disruption to your tenants. 

Already replacing your doors? These external smart locks can also be manufactured and shipped pre-installed on Janus roll-up and swing doors to drastically cut down on installation time.

  • Roof Replacements

While you may think you can't get around the major disruption that comes with a new roof - there's a new product in town that says you can. New metal-over-metal re-roofing options can be installed directly over your old roof, resulting in little to no downtime for occupants and fewer tear-off expenses for you. 

Infographic sheet on R3 by Janus International

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