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Steel: Protecting Commercial Buildings from the Outside In

Oct 08, 2019

4 Reasons to Choose STEEL for Your Commercial Roll-up Door:

Did you know that doors are the most vulnerable part of your building? With that being said, if you care about the assets your building was designed to protect, it's crucial to select the best material on the market to serve that job well. Here are 4 reasons steel is the most capable material to protect your commercial building:

Steel door providing security to commercial building1. Steel Doors help prevent theft, vandalism, and damage

Steel is the optimal material for your commercial roll-up door because it protects against dents and dings and puts up the toughest fight to keep out unwanted people and things from your building. Because steel is more impenetrable than other materials such as rubber or vinyl, it helps prevent theft, vandalism, and damage to your building. Not only are steel doors built to be the strongest, but they require minimal maintenance to sustain. Roll-up steel doors are designed to promote security and convenience - made to last longer and be more reliable than any other commercial door on the market.


2. Steel Doors can be wind load rated

Wind Load Rated Steel Door

Commercial wind rated doors are designed to resist buckling, bowing, and misalignment during intense weather conditions that could affect the structural integrity of your building. By updating assemblies and installing attachments such as wind locks and draft seals, steel doors are built to meet the stringent wind related codes and requirements that your commercial building may be subject to. These are most common in areas susceptible to severe weather events, such as hurricanes in the coastal regions.

If you would like to learn more about building codes and requirements, the 2018 International Building Codes (IBC) published by the International Code Council (ICC) are available for download and purchase here.

Check out our Detailed  Guide to see which commercial doors correspond to the building codes in your area.


3. Steel Doors can be insulatedInsulated roll up steel door

A huge bonus that comes with steel doors is the option for insulation. Insulated roll-up steel doors help with temperature control inside of your building by keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not only does insulating your doors save you money through energy efficiency, but it also adds another layer of protection to the assets your building holds. Whether you are storing personal equipment or goods to be distributed, never keep items of importance in an environment unprotected from the heat and humidity.

Not only does insulation protect your assets and save you money, but it’s also a huge factor when it comes to noise reduction throughout your commercial building!


4. Steel Doors are customizablecustomizable commercial steel door

Steel comes with many customizable perks, allowing you to get creative. Did you know we offer more than 30 different color options for our doors? Not only can you pick the perfect color for your building, but steel is the optimal surface for choosing a higher quality paint application, such as a durable polyester that resists cracking, flaking, peeling, chalking, AND fading! This paint option provides yet another coat of protection to your steel door, and the customization provides an aesthetic appeal that other materials can’t achieve.


Steel has been and remains the king of the industry due to its vast array of competitive advantages. Having a strong door is crucial to your business, so don't settle for anything less than the best - protect your property!

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