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Bluetooth Locks and Using Mobile Apps to Gain Access to Devices

Feb 07, 2019

No More Keys. No More Combinations.


If you're like me, having to keep up with keys is stressful - especially when you're constantly losing them. Thankfully there are much smarter solutions to where misplacing your keys is a thing in the past. Whether you have a storage unit, a locker at the gym, a yard shed, or anything you would use a padlock for... there's a solution! The majority of our population has smart phones or some kind of device that goes everywhere we go, am I right? So instead of stressing over keys and combinations, why not have a padlock that's Bluetooth activated and unlocks from your smart phone by just the touch of a button? Yes, you heard right. There are unlimited amount of options when it comes to these types of locks. So now that I have your attention, here are a few helpful tips and benefits to get you started.


no more combinations


Ease of Access

As people, we are always looking for a smarter solution to making our lives easier. And what's better than not having to struggle looking for your keys when you're running late to your gym class or possibly forgetting the combination to your padlock? These Bluetooth activated padlocks work from an app on your smart phone that allows you to unlock your padlock immediately. It's simple - just download the app, walk up to your things, click what you want to unlock, and wallah! But wait, there's more. With the app, you can easily share access with a friend so they also have the ability to unlock the padlock straight from their device! 


Security & Durability 

In addition to sharing access with friends, you're going to want to have the ability to track your lock location or check the user history. Thankfully, the app allows you to do more than just that. You can view the lock activity and receive alerts, manage all digital keys and users, manage your account and security settings, and so much more! These locks are also very durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. So it's safe for indoor and outdoor use. 


Choosing the Right Lock

Choosing the right lock provider is everything. You want to know you have the best brand and padlock on the market. Based out of Salt Lake City, UT., Nokē® was founded in 2014 being the first company to invent Bluetooth activated locks. Since then, the Nokē team has doubled in size working to make sure you have a more secure and convenient experience. 


Check out the video below to see how Nokē has changed the way these business owners operate...



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