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Janus Connected Episode 5: Joe Beatty of Tri-Village Self-Storage

Feb 13, 2019

A New Level of Convenience and Security with Self-Storage Automation 

As one of the founding members of Tri-Village Self-Storage located in Ohio, Joe Beatty has always been dedicated to the pursuit of creating a great customer experience. The level of detail that goes into each and every Tri-Village location elevates the act of self-storage from the mundane to the enjoyable. Another crucial element in Beatty's strategy? Security. Listen along as we chat with Beatty about his beginnings in the storage industry, how Tri-Village stands out from the competition, and how the Nokē Smart Entry system from Janus International helps his team reach their goals.


Joe Beatty, co-owner of Tri-Village Self-Storage, based in Ohio. 

In 2008, the construction industry was experiencing a downward spiral that would have devastating effects for many building companies in the United States. Joe Beatty was searching for answers like many other construction professionals at that time. Joe heeded the advice of a broker and ventured into the self-storage industry—a decision that would later pay off huge dividends and open the door to a flourishing new career as a self-storage facility owner.

In Episode 5 of our Janus Connected Podcast, Joe talks about his experience building self-storage facilities across the country and the lessons he’s learned along the way. He details many of the reasons why his company chooses to do business with Janus and why he thinks automation is going to be at the forefront of the industry in the next decade.

Janus Self Storage Technology Podcast with Tri Village Storage


Joe also points out some of the ways that owners can go the extra mile and provide a stellar customer experience using the Nokē Smart Entry system. His customers at Tri-Village Self-Storage are now requesting smart units as opposed to older, traditional storage units.

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • The benefits of self-storage automation
  • Important lessons he’s learned as a self-storage owner
  • Insights from site managers and customers on the best things about Nokē
  • What makes Nokē so “easy-to-use”
  • Advice for other owners considering automation technology

Listen to the Podcast 

Or, read along with the transcript



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