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Elevate Your Customer Experience with Automated Self Storage Entry

Jan 02, 2020

How Noke Elevate is Taking Automated Self Storage to a Whole New Level


A self storage door that can unlock with just the touch of a button on your smartphone - can it get any better than that? Actually, it can… Introducing Noke Elevate! This automatic door opener integrates seamlessly with the Noke Smart Entry system and allows tenants to open and close their unit doors from the palm of their hand. How cool is that? There's now an even better way to self storage! Keep reading to learn the many benefits of Noke Elevate and how we're continuing to improve customer convenience and accessibility.


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Automated Self-Storage Doors

Yep, we’ve done it again – the next best thing in self storage automation and customer convenience. There’s now a simpler, faster, and more convenient way for tenants to access their self-storage units. By simply tapping a button on their mobile device, the individual unit door opens and closes automatically. If an object is left under the door, there’s no need to worry if a tenant accidentally closes the door too soon. The highly perceptive sensor moves the door back up automatically preventing any damage to their belongings – not to mention your unit doors! With all of the hardware and technology built into the motor itself, it eliminates the need for a separate controller and makes installation quick and easy. It’s really that simple.


Works just like a garage door opener!

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ADA Compliance

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is certainly not a subject to be taken lightly and ADA compliance for self-storage goes beyond the standard requirement of other buildings structures. With all states not having the same interpretation of these requirements, it can get a little confusing – and frustrating to say the least. Thankfully, Noke Elevate meets all state's interpretations of the ADA requirements for self-storage. Now that's something to get excited about! 

More Bang For Your Buck

There’s a lot of benefits for your tenants, but what do you, a self-storage operator get out of it? With automated, mobile app opening and closing of the unit door, PLUS enhanced monitoring and features like digital key sharing, Noke Elevate gives operators yet another way of offering ultra-premium units that command higher rental rates – all while taking the hassle out of manual processes like over locking and lock drilling. Since Noke Elevate works seamlessly with the Noke Smart Entry system, it also provides enhanced security with interior electronic locks and motion sensors inside every unit, making break-ins and theft virtually impossible.

This technology enhanced automatic door opener brings automation full circle, helping owners and operators simplify their operations and provide convenient service to their tenants.


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