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What's the Big Difference Between Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Roll up Doors?

Jan 06, 2020

Selecting the Best Roll up Door for Your Commercial Application

One of the big questions you should ask yourself when selecting an commercial steel door for your application is, "How often will this door be used?". This is an important question in your decision making process because not all roll up doors are designed equal, or for high cycle applications. When you choose the best roll up door for your commercial application, you'll have a reliable and durable solution for years to come.

So what's the big difference? A major difference between light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty roll up doors here at Janus is the gauge and depth of the door's guides. A stronger guide allows the roll up door to combat more frequent and demanding operations that heavy duty applications require.

Keep in mind, while a heavy duty roll up door has everything to do with the door's guide, it has nothing to do with the door's curtain. By keeping the same gauged curtain amongst our commercial product portfolio, we've minimized the dead load our roll up doors are responsible for supporting. With a lighter dead load, Janus roll up doors can sustain a heavier live load!

Dead Load: The is a constant load and is the total roll up door hang weight.

Live Load: This is an applied or imposed load on the roll up door that can vary over time, often resulting from wind.


Light Duty Roll up Doors


No matter the duty of the commercial steel door, steel is known for it's durable advantage in the commercial industrial industry. While they're still durable, light duty roll up doors are designed for applications that require less frequent and less demanding operations. That's why you can find these doors in buildings used for RV and boat storage, or even backyard sheds.

white roll up door model 1000 on garage

If your project calls for light duty commercial steel door, learn more about the Janus pre-assembled industrial door, Model 1000.


Medium Duty Roll up Doors

Roll up doors that are designed for medium duty applications are optimal for your average commercial settings such as warehouses, commercial buildings and even freight terminals.

Model 2000 Medium Duty Commercial Steel Door

If your project calls for medium duty commercial steel door, Learn more about the Janus Model 1950 or Model 2000.


Heavy Duty Roll up Doors

Heavy duty roll up doors are often manufactured for frequent, demanding and high cycle applications. That's why these doors are commonly found in industrial buildings and freight terminals. They're designed with a higher gauge deeper guide which combats the heavy scale of use with it's superior strength and durability. Heavy duty roll up doors are the perfect product for larger openings as well as high-traffic applications with greater requirements!

Model 2500 Heavy Duty Commercial Steel Door

If you project calls for a heavy duty commercial steel door, learn more about the Janus Model 2500.

All Janus commercial steel doors come included with spiral torque tubes, tension holding devises and adjustment available in the bracket systems. With over 30 colors and lead free options to choose from, you have the opportunity to customize your commercial steel door to meet your exact design needs.

Model 2000 Medium Duty Commercial Door
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