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3 Reasons to Choose Janus as Your Commercial Door Provider

Feb 25, 2020

Janus Leads the Commercial Door Industry with Innovation, Quality, and Service.

When you choose a commercial door provider, you should be getting much more than a single product or service; you should be getting the whole package! Here at Janus, we strive to be a solutions provider focused on delivering the best experience to our consumers from the first point of contact to project completion.

Want to know how we achieve it? Here are the top 3 ways!


In the commercial and industrial world, you need a whole lot more than just a decent product! To stay relevant in the marketplace, you need a relationship with a company that's focused on innovation and advancement in the industry. Not only is Janus producing top-of-the-line products while incorporating turn-key technology solutions, but we're consistently driving advancements and enhancements to our products. This means our dedicated team has a unified focus on providing our customers (big and small!) the best, most ground-breaking product in the industry!

Chart of Adopters Curve

If you're an early adopter, hang on tight because Janus is constantly innovating!


Sure, there may be some cheaper doors out there, but keep in mind that you're investing in quality when you partner with an industry leading provider! By purchasing the most qualified door for your application, you're actually saving yourself money in the long run! This is because top providers produce sustainable products.

Janus' commercial steel doors are constructed of grade 80 steel, have a dead axle, enclosed pre-greased springs, and are available in 36 durable polyester topcoats (with the exception of the Model 3400).

Everything that goes into a Janus Commercial Steel Door is intentional and intended to maximize it's life-cycle and performance. Janus Commercial Doors are even professionally packaged to protect your investment during transportation. Because of these factors, our Gladiators can combat the wear and tear that go hand-in-hand with frequent and demanding operations.

Don't settle for the poor quality that comes with a low cost provider!

In addition to quality products, choose a provider that understands how valuable your time is, and does everything in their power to help you get your project up-and-running as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this in mind, Janus has made installation a breeze with simple instructions and easy steps! After all, it only takes 2 people and a few standard tools to install a Janus Commercial Steel Door.


Providers that take care of you in more ways than one is where it's at! The Janus management team has been in the business for more than 100 combined years, and these industry professionals know just what you need! That's why Janus has developed a customer support center as well as an inside sales division to help you with your questions, concerns, and process from start to finish. 

Choose a commercial steel door provider that invests back in you!

Janus Gladiator Commercial Door

Interested in Industry Leading Innovation, Quality, and Service?

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