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How to Help Your Customer Select the Right Commercial Door

Jan 21, 2020

When we asked door dealers what the hardest part of their jobs were, the most common answer was, "customer's who don't know what they need." As this results in them ordering the wrong doors for their project which is a time-consuming and costly mistake that has to be corrected.

Time and money can make or break a business, so take our expert advice on educating your customers before they make their final purchasing decision!

4 Simple Considerations When Selecting a Commercial Steel Door...



The first consideration to evaluate when selecting a commercial steel door for a project is the type of application it's going to be used for. Is it going to be in a light-duty setting such as boat storage, or is it going to be in a more taxing setting such as a warehouse or freight terminal that experiences consistent and daily operations? After all, not all doors are built for high-cycle applications!

Different applications call for different doors with various standards of durability. For heavier duty applications, you'll need a stronger door. Rather than increasing the gauge of the door's curtain, industry leaders increase the gauge and depth of the door's guide to give it the superior strength it needs to combat those greater demands.



Is your project located in a coastal region that experiences hurricanes, tropical storms, or harsh winds often? Hurricane season lasts for 6 long months, so it's important if you're in this environment that you stay protected with wind-load certified doors.

Wind-load Certified Doors are built to resist bowing, buckling, and misalignment when faced with strong winds and pressures. While you'll experience higher upfront costs, wind-load certified doors will save you significantly in the long-run as they're a protective and precautionary investment. Not only are they designed to stand against storms themselves, but they protect your building's structural integrity as well as the assets it stores.

Could your project benefit from wind-load certified doors? If so, check out our Model 3100!


Codes and Regulations

Does your location have any building codes that you're required to follow? Such as Florida Building Code, Miami Dade, or Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)? Here at Janus, we have customized doors built to meet these specific codes. Click here to view our compatible products!

Unsure but want to look into it more? Check out the 2018 International Building Codes (IBC) published by the International Code Council (ICC) for more details.



Is your building going to be climate controlled? If so, then you should look into insulating your roll-up steel doors as this will contribute to additional savings through reduced energy consumption! Luckily for you, all of our doors here at Janus come with superior option of insulation!


Want advice before making a final purchasing decision? Talk to an industry expert today! We have a dedicated team of support specialists ready to address any of your concerns. You can contact Customer Support at (770)562-2850.

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