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Why Choose Steel Roll Up Doors for your Commercial Building?

Nov 06, 2019

Commercial Roll-up Doors that are Efficient

Every company large or small shares one common goal - they each want to complete their daily operations in the fastest, most effective way possible - unifying each company around operational efficiency. Many people don't realize how much a door effects their daily operations... take a moment to think about it.

Think about how frequently your doors are used, and the environmental elements they're exposed to on a regular basis. These things can add up, making you door rust, degrade, or even break down over time. Down-time represents money coming out of your pocket and being distributed between repair costs and decreased productivity. No one wants to experience that, especially not a business owner.

But don't worry, there's a Simple Solution...


Steel roll-up doors are an incomparable match for the demanding and daily operations that commercial and industrial buildings require. This is because they can offer a variety of competitive advantages with their compact design, durable material, easy maintenance, and enhancement opportunities such as insulation. For more insight on each of these advantages, keep scrolling!


Steel Roll-up Doors..

Maximize Space

Roll-up Steel doors are designed to coil up and around a barrel, rather than sliding up and over along tracks that rest parallel with the ceiling. This compact design is ideal because it frees up ceiling space, increases headroom and maximizes your area for operational efficiency.

With freed up ceilings, you can use this additional space to utilize safety features such as emergency fire-sprinklers, increased lighting, and advanced HVAC systems.

Industrial Roll-up Door

Increase Durability

Roll-up doors increase durability and are more dependable for commercial applications because of their compact design. By enclosing important features inside the barrel, they're protected from harmful environmental elements that could affect your daily operations. With minimized risk for damage, you face less chance of losing money through down time and repair costs.

Not only do you have minimized risk, but you will get a longer life out of you door!

Steel roll-up doors are also durable in the aspect of adding protection to your building. By using a grade 80 galvanized steel, Janus ensures the best material to protect your building!


Are Easy to Maintain

Steel roll-up doors are known for their easy maintenance. This is because of their material, design, and the extra steps Janus takes during production to make your job easier. For example, we produce factory lubricated springs that come enclosed inside the barrel of your roll-up door. This extra step saves you time and money while increasing the longevity of your commercial steel door.

We do suggest a few tips for maintaining your steel door, such as visual inspections and operational checks. Check out our Maintenance and Operational Check Manual for more detail.


Provide Great Insulation

Steel roll-up doors are the perfect product to incorporate additional protection through insulation, which is a feature we offer in all our doors here at Janus! Because the insulation is enclosed inside of the steel curtain, your door has extra rigidity, making it even more durable than before. Not to mention, your door now helps you save money through energy efficiency! Who doesn't like a little extra protection on their investments? 


At the end of the day, you need a door that's going to help you complete your daily operations in the fastest, most efficient way possible. With Janus Commercial doors, you've found the perfect partner to complete those goals!

Commercial Steel Door

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