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How New Self-Storage Doors Can Increase Your NOI

Dec 17, 2021

Why Are Self-Storage Doors So Important?

Each time your customer visits your self-storage facility, they interact with their unit door, making it's looks and operation quite important. After all, your customers don't want a unit door that's outdated or hard to operate and who can really blame them? New self-storage doors with smooth operation and welcoming bright colors are best for attracting and retaining tenants. Things like factory lubricated and enclosed springs and super durable polyester topcoats are great components to look for because they'll increase longevity, helping you get the most years out of your unit door.

Because doors can be a huge liability, threatening the safety of your tenants and their belongings when not properly maintained, it's critical to replace your self-storage doors as soon as they need it. While the thought of a self-storage door replacements might sound intimidating, we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. You can increase your net operating value and take advantage of some pretty big benefits when done correctly.

Take a look at some facilities that were in major need of self-storage door replacements!

Outdated Self-Storage Doors in Need of Replacement

Old Facility with Damaged Self-Storage Doors

What to look for in your self-storage door:

  • Dead axle and torque tube assembly
  • Factory lubricated and enclosed springs 
  • Ratchet tensioning device 
  • Super durable polyester topcoat in variety of colors
  • Variety of sizes and options to meet unit mix needs

Each of the above components are important and contribute to your unit door being easy to install, operate and maintain. The pre-greased springs help with smoother operations and because they're enclosed, they'll last much longer and require less maintenance to sustain over the life-time of the door. With these combined components, you'll have a high-quality, long-lasting roll-up door for years to come.

Lime Green MASS Self-Storage Units

How Replacing Self-Storage Doors Can Increase Your NOI

When you replace the worn-out doors at your facility, you'll have a brand-new product to leverage to tenants while simultaneously increasing your property value. This allows you to increase your rental rates. You'll also likely see a decrease in operating expenses thanks to the potential combination of insurance discounts and reduced maintenance/repair costs. At a cap rate of 6.5%, you could quickly see a significant net increase of value post door replacement project!

Data Sheet Showing Net Increase of Value After Self-Storage Door Replacement Project
Let the Numbers Talk!

Download our Janalytics data sheet to see how a 500 unit, class B facility had a net increase in value of $907,692.31 after a full door replacement project!

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