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The Naked Truth: How Much Does Smart Entry Cost Per Unit?

May 27, 2022

Is Self-Storage Technology Worth the Cost?

Have you ever heard the saying, "you get what you pay for"? It's no surprise that Bluetooth smart locks and Bluetooth smart keypads are more expensive than your average lock and hasp. After all, you can typically pick up a $10 padlock at any corner store but it's important to remember that a cheap padlock doesn't give you any benefits, security, or protection. If someone really wants to break into a padlocked unit, all they have to do is purchase a $15 pair of bolt cutters. There are even tutorials on the internet showing people how to easily snap these locks off in seconds. Investing in a Bluetooth access control system that eliminates the traditional lock is the top way to add security back into the equation. Best of all, these Bluetooth smart locks bring a whole lot to the table.

Bluetooth electronic smart locks have a lot of amazing features, including help with site operations and data mining. Here are some of the smart features you can start using today with Nokē Smart Entry: 

  • Mobile phone access to property and unit
  • Traceable, digital key sharing
  • Thermal motion sensors inside every unit door
  • Automatic activity logs showing which access points were accessed by who and when
  • Tenant access features like one-touch and find my unit
  • Remote management of your facility at all times
  • Data mining

What ALL do you get when you purchase Nokē Smart Entry System?

The total cost for implementing the Nokē Smart Entry system at your self-storage facility depends on your total number of units and site logistics, so we recommend contacting your local representative to discuss exact numbers. It's very important to know that the price of Nokē Smart Entry covers so much more than the lock itself. Here is what all that number includes:


  • The Lock | The Nokē ONE lock can be factory installed on the door or field-installed onto an existing door. It's battery-powered, so retrofitting it is quick and easy. The battery inside of the smart lock lasts a minimum of two years and gives you notifications when it starts to run low. When it's time to replace the battery, it can be done incredibly fast outside of the unit door with the provided tool.


  • Tenant App | The smart entry system comes with a customized tenant app for IOS (Apple) and Android smartphones. If a tenant does not have a smartphone, there's a Bluetooth FOB available. 
  • Web Portal | In addition to the smart entry app, the owner-operator can also access information and operations from the online web portal. This is cloud-based, so no server or PC is needed onsite. (The 90s called... They want their computers back.)
  • Installation of Infrastructure and Locks | So many access control systems are installed by third parties which often results in malfunction. With Nokē Smart Entry, we install the infrastructure and locks ourselves, so there's little-to-no room for error. This ensures your infrastructure and locks are working exactly as intended the day we leave your site. 
  • Training by Nokē | Don't worry about the jump in technology. We take time to educate you and your entire team while also providing you with quality resources and information to share with your customers. This ensures everyone (young and old) has a smooth and easy transition process.
  • Store-Specific Branding | Not only will your smart entry app be branded for your individual store, which is proven to increase customer satisfaction and brand recognition, but your keypad can be too. The Nokē Screen smart keypad has a larger screen that's completely customizable for you. Direct tenants to make a payment, add your logo, or share some information - the options are endless.
  • Software Integration | We provide API for your Property Management Software (PMS). 
  • 24/7 Live Support | We don't just turn you loose once we've installed the smart entry system at your facility. We offer 24/7 live support by our Janus/Nokē team to answer any questions in real-time around the clock. (annual fee does apply)

Charging Premiums for Nokē Smart Entry System

Not only does Nokē perform operations and data mining, but it gives you the ability to charge premiums and implement fees to make more revenue at your self-storage facility.

The data mining aspect can help you determine peak hours with the most foot traffic at your facility. You can take this information to customize when you have a site manager on the property. This has saved several owners significantly because they've realized they don't need a person on site all day long. It also allows the self-storage operator to handle more at once - many overseeing multiple facilities at the same time.

We've also learned that tenants are willing to drive farther and spend more money on better security and convenience. Think of gas stations for example. Are you going to stop for gas at the brand-new Quick Trip that's well lit with 25+ pumps, or the dark and sketchy gas station with only 4 pumps that probably doesn't even have a pay-at-the-pump option? I'd bet you're willing to pay more and drive a little further for the security and convenience of the nice, new gas station.

StoreLocal recently conducted a case study where National Self Storage installed approximately 1,100 smart units across 5 self-storage facilities in El Paso, Texas. They found by incorporating Nokē Smart Entry by Janus International, rental rates grew exponentially. "National Self Storage posted even stronger rates. Its smart 10-by-10 units had an outstanding average of $140, which was an increase of $57.80 or 70.32%".

To read the entire StoreLocal case study, click here.

You can also implement monthly or annual technology fees for your smart facility and units. If you're spending the money to invest in a better experience for your customers, you should definitely be charging for it. 

Noke Smart Entry System Explainer Video

Learn more about the incredible features of Nokē Smart Entry System!

Watch our video to learn about the features of our Nokē ONE smart lock by Janus International.

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