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Self Storage Automation: Smart Locks Are the New Game Changer

Mar 09, 2020

How Smart Locks Are Changing the Way Tenants Use Self-Storage


Businesses have come along way from where they started. Some have taken advantage of the latest design trends and paying attention to what is making customer's lives easier. However, there are a few businesses who have been left behind because they weren't keeping up with new technology and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, even if your business has the technology, you gotta do your research to learn what the customer wants and if it's going to help or hurt your business. Automation has not only proven to overall improve the customer experience but it's saving businesses a lot time and money.


See how many people have hopped on board with the newest trend and most efficient way to self-storage. Don't just take our word for it... the proof's in the pudding!

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You've seen mobile access at gates, overhead doors, and elevators... but what about mobile entry for unit doors? Wouldn't it be so much easier for tenants to be able to access all of that PLUS their unit doors by just the touch of a button? Well, they can! With smart lock technology, tenants are able to access all entry points and their unit doors by just using their smart phones. Could life get any easier? Keep reading to learn more on how you can double your ROI and give tenants a better self-storage experience...


woman using cell phone to access self-storage unit


How It Works

No more frustration and inconvenience of tenants losing keys or not remembering their gate code. With Tesla technology included inside every unit controller, smart lock, and motion sensor inside every door, this security solution is here to double your investment while also making your tenants' lives a whole lot easier. This smart lock operates by an app on your mobile smart phone through cloud-based Bluetooth technology... I know what you're thinking, "So what if someone doesn't have a smart phone?" Three words: Digital-Key-Fob... that's right. If you don't have a smart device, this Bluetooth activated fob works the same way!


There's Benefits to This

  • Over locking - Say goodbye to those annoying yellow locks. If a tenant forgets or misses a payment, over locking is done automatically without the headache of a manager having to put it on themselves. Once the tenant has made their payment, the unit will be ready to use again without your site manager having to lift a finger.
  • Better Security - No more having to worry about theft or break-ins. These smart locks are providing the maximum security to prevent any criminal activity within your self-storage facility. Both you and your tenants have the ability to keep up with unit activity from the mobile app and web portal. Each unit is equipped with a motion sensor that alerts the tenant or manager of any motion occurring inside the unit.
  • Digital Key Sharing - You can now provide your tenants with the ability to share unit access with anyone they desire from any location. If they decide later that they no longer want to give someone access, they can revoke it.
  • More Money For You - By adding smart locks to units, you'll be able to increase your rental rates. Sounds like a deal breaker to me!




woman smiling and showing customer how to use the app to access his self-storage unit

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