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Not All Portable Storage is Created Equal [Find Out Why]

Apr 23, 2021

Identifying Profitable Portable Storage Solutions

Self-storage owners are often under the false impression that portable storage units can’t achieve the same quality, security or functionality that traditional ground-up self-storage has to offer. And who can really blame them when we’ve been marketed flimsy foldable units and converted shipping containers as “solutions” for so long? But we’re here to tell you, with the right portable storage solution, you can add value to even the best of facilities without sacrificing quality, space or security. That’s why we’ve outlined these four questions you should ask yourself when considering increasing revenue at your facility with portable self-storage.

Questions to ask when searching for profitable portable storage solutions:

• How are the units constructed?
• How does the size of the unit compare to a traditional self-storage unit?
• Are they available in a variety of unit mixes?
• What options are available?

How are the units constructed?

When portable storage units are made from the same durable components as traditional self-storage units, you don’t have to worry about things like rusting, leakage or oil canning that are so common with portable containers.

What is oil canning? Oil canning is the waviness or visible bends that you can see in a thin, low-gauge sheet of metal. By using sturdy galvanized steel framing, oil canning is eliminated and portable units can blend in seamlessly to your current storage set-up, both functionally and aesthetically. See the image below for example, the left side of the building is constructed of MASS (Moveable Additional Storage Structures), while the right side of the building remains traditional ground-up self-storage.

Relocatable storage units compared to traditional storage units

How does the size of the portable unit compare to a traditional self-storage unit?

When searching for a profitable portable storage solution, size is a big consideration. You want a portable unit that’s designed with the tenant in mind and doesn’t sacrifice space. With the right portable storage solution, you can get units that are built close to the ground for easier access, and that deliver up to 40% more cubic square feet than converted shipping containers. That’s more rentable square feet for you, and more space for your tenant. With more space inside each portable unit, tenants can accommodate more items and truly experience the ease of unloading and loading their valuables into a spacious unit with the convenience of drive-up self-storage.

Are they available in a variety of unit mixes?

Unit mix plays a large role in the success of portable storage at your facility. After all, not everyone needs a 10’ x 20’ unit, and if those units aren’t being rented, they can quickly turn into a large waste of space and revenue. That’s why it’s imperative to find a portable storage solution that’s easy to move around, expand and available in a variety of unit mixes! For help on determining the best unit mix at your facility, take a look at this recent thread on Self-Storage Talk, where members are sharing how they analyze their markets and establish a baseline for unit sizes and quantities.

Various configurations available with MASS:

MASS unit configuration chart


What options are available?

When you invest in portable storage solutions that are strategically designed for leading self-storage facilities, you can take advantage of a variety of options and enhancements to fit your every need. From a breadth of durable color options to smart locks and door automation, MASS units can be customized to enhance even the best of self-storage facilities.

“We added, 7,700 rentable square feet of MASS relocatable storage units to our CubeSmart facility. In this market, you can rent them around $1.30 per square foot. That’s a much higher rental rate and you’ll quickly see the potential to double your returns.”

- David Brown, Director of Self-Storage, Wentworth Property Company

Yellow and blue MASS relocatable storage units

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