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Millennials Favor Technology When Seeking Self-Storage Solutions

Jun 29, 2023

Nowadays, Millennials have emerged as an undeniable market force.

Their preferences and purchasing influence are prompting the self-storage industry to adapt to their unique needs. This demographic tends to make more frequent trips to their storage facilities than we’ve seen with other age groups. Per the recent findings of the SSA 2023 Self-Storage Demand study, 54% of Millennials visit their storage units monthly, while 36% go once a week or more.


Millennials self-storage needs differ greatly from GenX and Boomers. Instead of safe-keeping inherited belongings, this group opts for practicality by storing regularly used items such as bicycles, kayaks, household goods, and even business supplies. Findings from the same SSA study supported this, revealing that the Millennial generation prefers smaller spaces like 10’x10’ units, while Gen Z rents even smaller 5'x5' units.

The 2023 SSA data confirmed that individuals rank convenience highest amongst the features they will pay a premium for. With more frequent trips to storage units, consumers want to come and go on their schedule. This trend is only set to rise, highlighting a demand in the market for contactless solutions like Nokē Smart Entry.

How can facilities adapt to changing customer demands?

Some self-storage owner-operators may find themselves feeling that technology is incompatible with their current site or customer needs. Perhaps they cater to more traditional storage clientele, operate in a rural market, or have been running self-storage facilities for an extended period, they may not perceive innovation as a necessity.

However, upgrading or building a facility that utilizes the technology solutions Millennials expect doesn’t have to be daunting. With the Nokē Smart Entry System, advanced technology is placed in every unit controller, along with electronic locks and motion sensors inside every door. This security solution safeguards operator investment while also making the experience of tenants feel safer. Another game-changing element of this system is digital key sharing. This can be accessed through an app on their smartphone, eliminating the need for physical keys or codes. It can even grant unit access to a trusted friend or family member. For Facility Managers, the key can be revoked or extended for a preset amount of time, all while an activity log keeps track of exactly when the unit was accessed. By utilizing Nokē, Facility Owners can effectively stand out in the crowded market and cater to their Millennial tenants.


Partner with Janus for Future Success

Change can be intimidating. However, when you choose to work with Janus, you get a trusted partner with deep expertise in the self-storage solutions space to guide you to success. Whether you plan to invest in Bluetooth electronic smart locks keypads at entry points, or  automatic unit door openers, Janus is here to help.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attract an important Millennial market – contact us today.


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