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How to Use the Nokē Smart Entry Feature: Locate My Unit

Jun 10, 2021

Hey Nokē, Where's My Self-Storage Unit?

As a first-time renter, it can be intimidating going into a large self-storage complex and not knowing where exactly your unit is. That’s why Nokē® Smart Entry system by Janus International has created a new smart feature, Locate My Unit, for tenants. This innovative feature is beneficial for a variety of users, including new renters, shared key users (like family members or moving companies) and for tenants that simply don’t visit their units very often.

Locate my unit for tenants is beneficial for:

  • New or first time renters
  • Tenants who don't visit their units often
  • Users accessing a tenants unit via shared digital key

How Locate My Unit Works:

Since most users who need help locating their unit probably haven’t navigated their app in a while either, the simplicity of this feature is so important. Users don’t have to spend time searching for the Locate my Unit feature on the app, it’s strategically placed right on the home page for easy access- making it easier for tenants and shared key users to access and navigate your self-storage facility than ever before.

The tenant can activate the locate my unit feature by going into their app and pressing the Locate Unit button on the home screen. Once the tenant presses the Locate Unit button, their individual unit will start making sounds and blinking, for roughly 15 seconds, to help the user find their unit quickly and efficiently. This takes the stress out of visiting a self-storage facility by making individual units easy to find in a sea of self-storage.

locate my unit on smart entry app

Steps for locating your smart unit:

  • Navigate to the home page in your smart entry app
  • Press the button, "Locate Unit"
  • Look for the unit that is making sound and blinking (Occurs for roughly 15 seconds)

It’s no secret that the number one role for any self-storage owner or operator is to keep their tenants safe and their valuables secure. By implementing Nokē Smart Entry at your facility, you can take advantage of a total access control system that allows you to customize access per tenant and take advantage of the smart features and benefits that come with it. When combining that heightened security with ease-of-use, with things like digital key sharing and locate my unit features, you can charge premium rates for taking the tenant experience to the next level.

noke explainer video cover

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