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Keys to Success in a Keyless Future: How Smart Access Technology is Revolutionizing the Industry Experience

Dec 06, 2023

Smart access technology is no longer simply a unique and convenient upgrade; it’s expected and necessary for a successful facility. Smart access is changing the way owner-operators do business, it’s transforming the tenant experience, and it’s revolutionizing the entire self-storage industry, creating additional opportunities for increased revenue.

A special webinar was held that touched on the topic of smart building access, which not only provides added security and convenience for owners as well as tenants, but also helps streamline operations and reduce operating costs. Two highly knowledgeable Janus International Group presenters, Alessandro Araldi (President of Nokē Inc. and Janus Corporate Strategy) and Jennifer Shaver (Director of Technical Support for Nokē Smart Entry) joined forces to explain how this innovation is being leveraged to transform the rental journey for tenants, site managers and even owners.

Topics of this exclusive webinar included:

  • What smart access is, the components involved, and the primary benefits
  • How smart access is transforming the buyer journey
  • What this technology means to facility managers and owners
  • How an interested operator can start leveraging this innovation now
  • Key items to consider before implementation

Watch the full webinar here and learn more about this smart approach to facility and building access.


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