How the Color of Your Commercial Doors Can Influence Brand Identity

May 07, 2020

Are All Commercial Steel Doors Neutral?


While we're all used to seeing those white steel doors on large warehouses and manufacturing facilities, commercial and industrial doors don't have to be ordinary. With a breadth of super durable polyester coated color options, Commercial Steel Doors can be customized to fit branding, building components, and exact design needs.


Orange Commercial Steel Roll Up Doors


With a large variety of colors to choose from, you can give your garage, facility, or warehouse the statement it deserves. We have 36 different color options, including 11 standard colors and 4 additional tiers of specialty colors. So, whether you're seeking that classic look to fit the working garage behind your dream home, or a bold color for a new facility that will capture attention, you've found your solution!

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Commercial Doors available in all colors with the exception of the Model 3400 which is available in white only.

Janus color chart with thirty-six color options


Super Durable Polyester Coated Commercial Steel Doors are known for their structural integrity. This layer doesn't degrade like traditional paint, and is designed to compete with environmental elements and operational use (perfect for commercial settings). This continuous roll coil coating process forms a durable and sustainable coating with more flexibility for your commercial door's curtain. This means you don't have to worry about chipping due to daily wear and tear, or fading due to environmental exposure.


Check out our Industry Leading Paint Warranty for More Details.


The Color of Commercial Steel Doors Can Influence Brand Identity.

A brand's identity is the visual components that make up a brand in the minds of a consumer. Think of your favorite brand or company, chances are you associate that thought with a color and even a feeling. As industry leaders, we can't forget that colors convey emotions, feelings, and experiences, and we have the ability to capture this with something as simple as the color of our doors.

It's no secret that companies who remain committed to their brand's identity are more distinguished in the market and most often successful. You can use the color of your commercial doors to stand out, stay consistent, and make a lasting impression on your consumer. 


You don't have to settle for ordinary Commercial Doors. By selecting an Industry leading, super durable polyester coated Commercial Steel Door, you're getting a product that will outlast the competition in aesthetics, durability, and sustainability. View our Commercial Door product line to view the benefits first hand.

Green commercial roll up door at a facility

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