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CubeNow Opens First Smart Self-Storage Facility in Warsaw, IN

Feb 27, 2023

How Many Tools Does It Take to Convert an Old Hardware Store into Smart Self-Storage?

In June 2022, Swyft Group Properties converted an old hardware store into CubeNow Self-Storage with 230 climate-controlled, smart units. While the conversion project was a hefty undertaking, it's proved to be a worthwhile investment in more ways than one. 

Starting with a conversion project rather than new construction allowed Swyft Group Properties to take advantage of many benefits. For starters, many big box retail stores already have the fundamentals in place, such as a concrete foundation, HVAC heating and cooling, plumbing, electric wiring, and fire systems. The CubeNow building was pretty much ready to go, which meant no waiting around for construction crews and contractors to pour concrete and lay foundations. Having these pieces of the puzzle already connected meant less work and less expense for CubeNow Self-Storage. 

CubeNow Self-Storage before conversion CubeNow Self-Storage after Conversion

Not only did the old hardware store already have the basics in place, but retail stores are known for their high ceilings and open floor plans. This is a self-storage developer's dream come true because it makes configuring the right unit mix for your demographic easy. CubeNow pulled in the experts, conducted a feasibility study, and configured their 230 climate-controlled units to adequately serve the Warsaw, IN community.

Another supportive benefit to starting with a pre-established building is its location. Oftentimes, real estate has already been selected based on high-traffic demographics. CubeNow was strategically positioned on a main road with great visibility and high traffic. Its optimal location helps the self-storage facility to self-market and attract local commuters.

Implementing Nokē Smart Entry System into the Self-Storage Conversion

You don't have to be a local handyman to know it takes a great team and the right resources to pull off a state-of-the-art self-storage project. CubeNow took its self-storage conversion project one step further by installing the latest technology to drive a simplified, contactless experience.

Mary Phipps, Swyft Group Properties Project Manager comments, "Our goal was to keep the self-storage facility as automated as possible, making it easy on our tenants. For us, this meant no keys or padlocks. We wanted mobile app access and updated technology. Nokē had everything we were looking for."

Blue Self-Storage Doors with NokeONE locks at CubeNow Self-Storage

By incorporating Nokē Smart Entry system, the CubeNow Self-Storage facility is run completely remotely unless a tenant wants to meet with a site manager by appointment. This means customers can sign up, pay for, and gain immediate access to the facility and their unit door, with no barriers. Not only do the staff and customers love having everything right on their phones but going digital has even allowed CubeNow Self-Storage to capture more after-hour, online rentals.

Tobi Boyer, CubeNow Site Manager comments, "Most of today's consumers are online, and the fact that our customers can gain immediate access to the facility and their unit door, with no barriers, is a huge selling point."

Being the first self-storage facility in the Warsaw, IN, community to implement a smart entry system into its self-storage operations has truly changed the game for CubeNow Self-Storage. When you take technology and pair it with the best level of customer service, the sky's the limit.

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