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Comparing Operators for Commercial Door Automation [Infographic]

Jul 14, 2020

Looking for a Commercial Door Operator to do Your Heavy Lifting?


Are you looking for a commercial door operator that will provide convenience and quality performance to daily operations? With a variety of automatic operators to fit any application, you can achieve a smart, simple, and secure solution for your commercial roll up door.

Say Goodbye to Manual Entry!

Door automation increases the efficiency and safety of roll up sheet doors, which has made operators a popular enhancement in residential and commercial industries. When a door is equipped with the right operator, it's spared that wear and tear it would typically face during manual operations. This increases the sustainability of your door. By combining technology, features, and accessories with industry leading operators,  you can obtain long lasting, easy to use, reliable solutions for door automation.

Smart, Simple, and secure icons that represent the qualities of commercial door automation.

The Shed Master and Easy Roller Operators are specifically designed and manufactured for roll up sheet doors and have been UL approved for residential and commercial use. No extra costs are required, as the operators simply mount onto the existing door bracket and connect to the drum wheel to control the door. This contributes to their low profile and effective design.


Check out our [Infographic] below, 'Commercial Door Automation: Comparing Operators' to compare and contrast the Easy Roller and Shed Master operators.

Infographic- Comparing Operators for Commercial Door Automation

For clarification on any of the above terminology, the members of Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International (DASMA) have compiled an extensive list of terms and definitions pertaining to operators and related devices. Check out the Technical Data Sheet, 'Garage  Door Operator and Gate Operator Terminology', for details.


Need help determining which motor fits your application best? Let us do the heavy lifting! We'll be happy to help you select the right operation to get your job done right.

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