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3 Top-Tips for Installing Your Janus Commercial Door

May 18, 2020

Installing a Commercial Roll-up Door

Keep it simple with these 3 top-tips

Installing and maintaining a roll-up steel door should be an easy process. By following our seasoned advice, the provided installation guide, as well as the installation video provided at the end of this blog, you'll be able to install an industry leading roll-up door in no time!

Two tan roll up sheet doors


Follow the steps from beginning to end

If you're like me, chances are you're not a fan of reading instructions. I'm always the first to use context clues and pictures to construct a product, even if it takes me several attempts. But let's be realistic, putting a product together without reading it's instructions is like building a puzzle without seeing the image on the box first... More time is wasted trying to figure things out on your own, rather than utilizing the expert guidance that's right in front of you. The roll up door installation instructions are vital when installing a Janus Commercial Door. One tiny mistake can domino larger impacts, affecting the operations of your roll-up sheet door. So trust me, let the experts guide you through this one.


Make sure not to skip steps during this process. Not only should you read each step thoroughly, but you should follow them in order from beginning to end. A common step that's often done out of order is removing the packaging on the sheet door too early. Removing this protective layer ahead of time may look like an innocent jump, but can actually lead to a difficult install and un-repairable damage to your door and it's curtain. We've placed this step, along with the others, in the exact order they need to be completed to facilitate the easiest and smoothest installation.


Don't guess-timate

There's a time to trust your intuition and there's a time to ignore it... While we all think we're great at eyeballing measurements, a little misalignment can have a huge impact on your door. If the door is misaligned, it can be difficult to operate which causes long term problems and affects your safety too.  If you want an industry leading roll-up door, don't guess-timate measurements.


Don't install a door by yourself

Sometimes, you just need help! Installing a commercial steel door requires two certified installers, as they're both required to lift the door assembly into position against the jambs. The guides are not designed to support the curtain weight during a one-man installation. Trying to do this by yourself can result in serious injury and/or damage to the door. Not to mention, Janus cannot guarantee or accept responsibility for doors that aren't installed as directed. Having two certified installers will ensure a safe and efficient installation. 


How to install a roll up door video snip

Learn How to Install a Commercial Steel Door

Watch the experts! Check out our Commercial Door Installation Video to see just how easy it can be.


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