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Engaging your self-storage facility in the Janus R3>: Restore, Rebuild, Replace Program is proven to be an effective strategy to elevate the A-Z of your business. The Janus team of experts have transformed countless sites from underperforming to thriving – it’s our passion!

So what exactly is R3>?

The concept of R3> itself is very straightforward: replacing your unit doors, optimizing your unit mix and idle land, and adding a more robust security solution all help you do two important things:

  1. Charge higher rental rates
  2. Compete with modern self-storage facilities and large operators


  • Double your ROI per month
  • Replace 20 to 25 of your old doors less than 24 hours
  • One year depreciation time frame and 100% deductibility

Let’s take a look at how R3> can transform your facility:


Just like anything else in life, self-storage doors age over time and need to be replaced. Some would try to tell you that slapping a fresh coat of paint on a door will fix your problems – but that’s far from the truth. Painting adds additional weight to the door and can cause a laundry list of problems stemming from improper application.

When you get a door replacement from Janus International, we do the heavy lifting for you. We provide and coordinate the installation teams, discard the old doors, and work with the onsite office manager to securely hand over the new keys to tenants. We’re also known for replacing 25 doors in the span of a single day. You could go play a round of golf and have an entirely new hallway of doors when you leave the green. Does it get any better than that?



Rewards Program

Janus R3 Program data sheet download

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Revamping your self-storage facility isn’t just about aesthetic appeal. It’s also important to take a look at how your investment is protected from the inside out! That’s why there’s the nokē® Smart Entry System from Janus International. This fully mobile access control solution can be installed as part of your facility revamp, with no excessive wire-running necessary. It offers both tenants and owners peace of mind and ease of use with app-based entry for unit doors, mandoors, and gates. Motion sensors located inside each unit report any unauthorized activity via smartphone notifications, and digital key sharing allows tenants the convenience of granting temporary access to friends and family – then revoking access whenever they want.

Adding in the nokē® Smart Entry System as part of your R3> Certification experience brings your facility into a new era. Now you can position your business as a forward-thinking, digital pioneer in the self-storage landscape that’s chiefly concerned with providing customer convenience.

Relocatable Storage (MASS)

Got idle land? Let’s turn it into a money-making asset. The Janus MASS (moveable additional storage structure) units are created with the same high-quality steel frames and structural integrity as traditional interior units, so you don’t miss out on the similar look and feel. MASS both be anchored to the ground and wired for electricity – creating a seamless exterior storage experience that blends in with the rest of your facility.

MASS can be placed in parking lots or other empty spaces that traditional storage just wouldn’t fit, and they’re not strictly confined to totally level ground areas. A big bonus is that under the new changes to the tax code with Section 179, MASS units are also 100% deductible in the first year of purchase up to $1,000,000.


Here at Janus, our experts have leveraged our deep industry ties and knowledge to help you save even more money when you Restore, Rebuild, and Replace your self-storage facility. What’s the result of that? Our R3> Certification Program!

We’ve partnered with Tenant Property Protection as well as Universal Insurance Programs to bring most customers up to double digit insurance discounts when doing full door replacements.

These industry insurance providers have partnered with us because they understand that R3> Certification improves the safety, functionality, and security of your site and ultimately adds value to the facility.


R3> Certified

Any door replacement project that replaces old, outdated doors with brand-new Janus roll-up or swing doors is eligible for R3 Certification. In most cases, full door-replacement projects result in both commercial and tenant insurance discount with our partners at TPP and Universal Insurance. To learn more, contact Universal Insurance at 602-483-6781 and TPP at 877-360-4781.

R3> Certified SECURED

Any door replacement project that replaces old, outdated doors with brand-new Janus roll-up or swing doors and retrofits their security system with the all-new nokē® Smart Entry System is eligible for R3 Secured Certification. In most cases, full door-replacement with nokē® retrofits results in even higher commercial and tenant insurance discounts from our partners at TPP and Universal Insurance. To learn more, contact Universal Insurance at 602-483-6781 and TPP at 877-360-4781.

The Bottom Line

Just like the R3> Program itself, R3> Certification isn’t just about the monetary gains your facility can have. It’s all about the message that you’re sending to your current clients as well as prospective tenants. Do you value their business enough to provide them with a safe and well-functioning self-storage experience? Having R3> Certification is an excellent way to broadcast your initiative and vision for your facility – it’s also tangible proof that you put your money where your mouth is and care about your tenants.

Higher rental rates, insurance discounts, and more are well within your reach when you decide to restore, rebuild, and replace with Janus’ R3> Program.

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