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The SecurGuard® Smart Entry System is a revolutionary mobile entry and monitoring solution designed to bring self storage security into a new era.

Lose the wires.

SecurGuard® employs smart locks to create a wireless locking experience unlike any other. Each lock contains Tesla technology that brings your security to the next level. There’s no longer a need to run wires from each individual unit back to a central location, and no more being tied down.


Want the best of both worlds? You can opt for the hybrid option, which offers a Tesla battery inside each lock that’s constantly being charged while also operating as a hardwired unit.

Cloud-based, hassle-free.

All of your customers’ data will be stored in the cloud on Google servers. Why is this important? Because now you don’t have to keep up with CD-rom data for each individual unit. The data stays on servers, so you get to stay on task with running your business rather than running around trying to find a CD drive.

You're in Control.

Now you can use the SecurGuard® app to control gates, elevators, man-doors and more. No need to punch numbers into a keypad, grab a handle or drop any boxes in the process.

Total autonomy.

Each SecurGuard® smart lock operates as its own system. You’ve got completely granular control with every single door.

You’ll always be in the loop.

With motion sensor technology located inside and outside the unit, you’ll get an alert if someone tries to break-in or use your code without permission.

Easy installation.

The Janus International dead axle design makes the install process a seamless transition from your old door to a new door with a smart lock. Retrofitting your facility? Janus can swap out 15 – 20 doors (fully installed with SecurGuard®) within the space of a single work day.

Powered by Tesla.

Yes, that Tesla. SecurGuard® smart locks are equipped with Tesla batteries to keep your unit powered up and protected.

No smartphone? No problem.

SecurGuard® offers a fob option for anyone who opts out of the app. The fob unlocks its assigned smart unit in the same manner as the app. Click the fob, unlock your door — simple as that. Each fob also has its own serial number, making it easy to replace or shut off if stolen or lost.

Easy integration.

The SecurGuard® Smart Entry System can effortlessly integrate with your current self storage software. No need to purchase an additional, clunky system that will slow you down.

Lock it down.

If you have a tenant delinquent on their rent, you can prevent their unit access. As soon as their balance is paid, you can instantly restore their access with the push of a button.

Unparalleled convenience.

Remembering a code or a key is a thing of the past. Entry to the smart unit is controlled by the app or fob, so you can focus on more important things.