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3 Reasons to Invest in Wind Rated Commercial Steel Doors

Oct 02, 2019

Wind rated steel doors offer strength, protection, and savings to your building in the event of severe weather, helping you prepare for a safer tomorrow. Here are 3 essential reasons to invest in wind rated, commercial steel doors:

1. Wind rated doors strengthen the most vulnerable part of your building

Wind Rated Commercial Steel Doors Vulnerability Icon

Just about every discussion you hear regarding wind rated doors references how doors are in fact the most vulnerable part of your building. You can assume this is such a popular topic because it comes as such a shock to so many people. It's quite terrifying when you realize just ONE door can lead to the complete destruction of your ENTIRE building.

But what makes them so vulnerable, and how can 
we protect them?

Doors cover the largest gap in a building's structure, which automatically makes them the weakest link in comparison to your building's other components. If one door bows, buckles, or misaligns from its guides, high speed winds can enter the building, imposing intense pressure against the walls and roof. A building can only hold so much pressure until the roof is forced to raise off, leaving the structure incredibly vulnerable to environmental elements. Without a roof, your building and assets stand ZERO chance on fighting off the storm.

By investing in wind rated steel doors for your commercial building, you're choosing a qualified door with heavy duty guide assemblies, wind locks, steel mounting plates, and draft seals. All of these elements work together to add security to both your door and the building - helping it stand strong in the midst of a hurricane.


2. These commercial steel doors offer CONSISTENT protectionCommercial Door Security Icon

The severity of a storm is often unpredictable; not to mention, you never know how much time you'll have to prepare before the storm reaches and possibly devastates your area. Hurricane season lasts for 6 long months, ranging from June through November. That's a lot of time for unnecessary worry.

By investing in wind rated steel doors, you'll ensure you have enough time to handle all of your responsibilities in an efficient manner, because you've taken prior steps to protect your property from the high speed winds, wind-borne debris, heavy rain, and other elements that are associated with this type of severe weather.

3. Wind rated steel doors are cost efficient

Cost Efficient wind rated doors

That's right, wind rated doors can save you money! They're a cost efficient prevention method designed to protect you, your entire building, and the assets it stores.

Wind rated doors can also be insulated which contributes to additional savings as well. This is a great consideration because it offers yet another layer of protection during and after a storm hits. When there is likely no power, insulated doors will continue to protect your building and assets from harmful environmental elements.


You will never regret having extra protection for your building, especially if you're located in a coastal region susceptible to this kind of weather. Stay ahead of the storm and prepare for a safer tomorrow with wind rated steel doors for your commercial building.

Windlocks for commercial steel door

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