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A Detailed Hardware & Software Feature Review of Smart Entry Options in Self-Storage

Mar 18, 2022

What Smart Entry Features Are You Looking For?

The self-storage industry has advanced quite rapidly in the last few years, taking a smarter approach to rentals, site-management, and security. With several smart entry options on the market, we're providing an in-depth hardware and software feature review of Nokē Smart Entry compared to other smart entry options in self-storage. 

Noke Smart Entry Suite of Products

No Smart Entry

The Nokē Smart Entry system is the newest security solution to enter the self-storage market. This system comprises Bluetooth electronic smart locks, Bluetooth electronic smart keypads and a total access control system that allows your customer to easily access and navigate your self-storage facility and their unit door from a smart phone app.

Nokē Smart Entry Suite of Products: 

  • Nokē ONE (Battery powered smart lock option)
  • Nokē Volt (Hard-wired smart lock option)
  • Nokē Pad (Smart keypad)
  • Nokē Screen (Smart keypad with smart display)

How it works: Nokē Smart Entry integrates with your property management software to give you the most control, visibility, and security over your site. The tenant simply downloads your custom branded smart entry app on their mobile phone which gives them ability to access your facility, any designated access points, and their individual unit door. Because this is a fully cloud-based security system, you have a ton of visibility and control over your site. You can check unit statuses (from anywhere at any time), take advantage of fully automated move-ins, automated overlocks/releasing and much more. 

Key Features & Benefits: 

  • Customers have facility and unit access via smart phone app. This means no more customers forgetting keys or codes. 
  • It integrates with your property management software, allowing you to get work done remotely. 
  • Thermal motion sensors are included inside every unit door to detect thermal motion activity when the unit is in the closed and locked position - letting you know immediately if a unit is being tampered with or if someone's trying to get away with sleeping in their unit.
  • You can remotely manage your facility and view activity from the online web portal or smart phone app. 
  • Bluetooth fobs are available for any customers without a smart phone. 
  • The Nokē ONE smart lock is easily retrofittable because its battery powered and installed onto the exterior of the unit door. 
  • The Nokē ONE smart lock has a multi-year batter life. The battery will send you a notification when it's running low and replacing it just takes seconds. 
  • Unit access controls can be customized per tenant. 
  • Heightens security for all units, even vacant ones. 
  • Overlocking and releasing overlocked units is completely automated, so no more going on site to manually remove an overlock.
  • Locate my unit feature activates the smart lock to flash and sound for roughly 15 seconds, helping the tenant wayfinding experience.
  • One touch entry feature allows the tenant to navigate the facility hands-free, unlocking access-controlled points when the customer reaches a certain proximity. 
  • Move-ins are completely automated. A tenant can rent a unit online and gain immediate access to the facility and unit.
  • Tenants can share digital keys with anyone needing access to their unit. This key is customizable, revocable at any time and all unit activity during the key sharing time frame is recorded.



Like Nokē Smart Entry, most other smart entry systems integrate with your property management software to provide facility and unit access via keypad code or mobile app. While they allow "smart" entry access to the facility, a lot of these options are still using traditional locks and keys to secure their unit door. Whether that's because there's no smart lock on the unit door, or the smart lock is only designed for automating overlocks and not for tenant access. Make sure you do your research on your smart entry options and consider the fundamental questions below.

Important Considerations for Your Smart Entry System

1. How much are you willing to spend? $$$

There's no denying that smart locks, keypads, and access control systems are more expensive than a traditional lock and keypad, but they do unlock a variety of advantages beneficial to your business. Make sure you're considering things like long-term value and not just the initial set-up cost of adding a smart entry system. 

Fully cloud-based smart entry systems will undeniably save you money over time because you can reduce the amount of time and manpower it takes to run your business. No more visiting the facility to manually remove an overlock or helping a tenant with a lost key. Rentals, lock checks, overlocks and releasing overlocked units can all be done remotely.

People are also willing to pay higher rental rates for smart facilities and smart units. Facilities with smart entry options help the tenant feel safe, give them reassurance that their belongings will stay secure, and allow them the convenience of entering the facility without remembering a physical key or code. Consider charging premiums for smart units or implementing a technology fee to help bite the initial cost.

2.  Do You Want to Ditch the Traditional Lock and Key?

Physical keys can be a hassle. Tenants regularly forget and misplace them, and they're not a secure or efficient option for today's self-storage facility. With the right Bluetooth smart locks installed on your unit doors, tenants can use their mobile phone to gain access to your self-storage facility and their unit door.

It's important to make sure the smart lock you choose is designed with the tenant in mind. After all, some smart locks are only designed to help owner-operators with the overlocking process and bring no added convenience to the customer. In this scenario, the lock on the unit door would unlock when the customer enters their access code or uses their mobile phone app at the gate; however, this leaves the unit unsecure from the time the tenant enters the facility to the time they arrive at their unit door, often times requiring an additional traditional lock to completely secure the unit door.

A huge perk to facility AND unit access via mobile app is the ability for tenants to share a digital key with anyone needing to gain access to their unit. This ensures the shared key user will not only have access to the facility via digital key, but to the unit door as well. No more remembering to pass along a physical key to share access - it's all done from your phone. Best of all, all unit activity is automatically tracked and recorded on the cloud during the key sharing period.

3. Do you want to fully automate processes such as overlocking?

If you're looking to fully automate the overlocking process, make sure your smart entry system has Bluetooth electronic smart locks installed on the unit doors. Smart locks will allow you to grant and revoke access from afar and fully automate processes such as online rentals, overlocks, releasing and more. 

4. Make sure the onboarding process is easy for tenants

It's important to find an access control solution that has an easy onboarding process for the tenant. The last thing you want is an app that's complicated, requires a long ID code, and isn't branded for your company. With Nokē Smart Entry, the tenant is automatically taken to the correct self-storage facility in the smart entry app. This is an all-inclusive app, custom branded for your individual facility which is easy to navigate and resonates well with the customer.

Want to enhance the customer experience even more? With the right Bluetooth smart locks installed on your unit doors, you can take advantage of wayfinding tools to help your tenant navigate your facility easier than ever before. Look for features like locate my unit and one touch entry

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