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Self Storage Facility Tips for Hurricane Season

Jun 27, 2017

Summer is in full swing! Unfortunately, so is hurricane season until November 30th. What does the possibility of inclement weather mean for your self storage facility? Which precautions should you take to ensure the safety of your tenants’ belongings? We’re going to take a look at some of the top tips for keeping your facility above water and strong against the storms during the 2017 hurricane season.

Wind Load Rated Doors

If you want to protect your facility from the chaos Mother Nature may bring, your best line of defense will be doors that are strong enough to withstand wind damage. Janus International’s Series 750 Certified Wind Load Rated doors are made to meet tough building codes in coastal regions, and they’ve been lab tested for safety assurance.

If you live in Miami-Dade County, Florida, Janus has you covered as well. The Series 850 Certified Wind Load Rated doors have been specifically engineered to meet Miami-Dade County’s strict building codes with +46 PSF and -54 PSF.

Sealed and Secured

Have you checked on the state of your bottom bar astragals lately? This line of defense is important to have on each and every door in your self storage facility to keep water at bay in case storm water makes its way inside. You can fill out our Contact Us form here and place an order for replacement astragals for any number of doors you might have.

Combat Humidity

Offering climate control is a great feature to get the attention of potential tenants and to keep existing tenants in place. There are many weather situations, not just hurricanes, that can cause a dramatic shift in humidity levels inside storage units. Climate control ensures that your tenants will have peace of mind knowing that their items will be well cared for.

Keep the safety of your customers and their belongings in mind as you make hurricane prep decisions for your facility! A little bit of empathy and consideration can go a long way for your customer-owner relationships.


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