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What You Need to Know about Commercial Door Models 1000 and 1100

Dec 14, 2020

Saving Time and Money with Pre-Assembled Industrial Doors

Are you ready for a commercial roll-up door that's pre-assembled in the factory to save you time and money during installation? Models 1000 and 1100 are Pre-Assembled Industrial Doors (PAID) featuring the traditional dependability and sturdiness of a commercial door while significantly saving you time and money during installation.

How you ask? The push-up operation comes with brackets and tensioner pre-assembled on the door. For doors over 10' wide or 10' high, the reduced-drive chain hoist operation comes standard and is delivered with brackets, tensioner, gears and chain drive pre-assembled on the door.

Commercial Model 1000 Installed in Brick Building

What Does Pre-Assembled From the Factory Really Mean?

  • Time and cost savings.
  • A simpler way of tensioning.
  • Virtually maintenance free.


Time and Cost Savings

Pre-assembled from the factory means less time spent on installation, therefor saving you money. The factory installed galvanized reinforced 12-gauge brackets are designed to easily snap onto the guides. In addition, the door and guides install to the jamb as a single assembly! No more tedious instructions, heavy materials and lengthy installation processes. Backed by a one year warranty, PAID models are a solid and economical investment for commercial and industrial use.


A Simpler Way of Tensioning

While other commercial models use a cam-action tension holding device to tension door springs, models 1000 and 1100 come standard with a ratchet tensioning device. The Ratchet Tensioning Device offers a simpler method of tensioning while more accurately fine tuning all the springs on the door at the same time. There is no extra hardware required. Eight different positions on the tension wheel allow one to perfectly balance the door, every time. There are no pins required to hold the tension on the spring - you simply just click it!


Virtually Maintenance Free

When roll-up doors are designed incorporate a dead axle, disc wheels, enclosed pre-greased springs and quality paint coatings, you can wave goodbye to tedious and time consuming maintenance. No more hours spent greasing your door's springs. Springs are located inside of the barrel and come pre-greased - giving you smooth operations and longevity without the hard work!


What's the Difference between PAID Models 1000 and 1100?

Commercial Door Comparison Chart


Key Takeaways:

  • Models 1000 and 1100 are Pre-Assembled Industrial Doors (PAID) that save time and money during installation.
  • With pre-installed ratchet tensioning device, you have automatic access to a simpler way of tensioning.
  • Factory installed galvanized reinforced 12 gauge brackets are designed to easily snap onto the guides, reducing installation time. 
  • The door and guides install to the jamb as a single assembly.
Commercial Application 650

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