Paint vs. Replace: 4 Reasons to Replace Your Self-Storage Doors

May 18, 2019



hallway with grey self-storage doors

If you're in renovation mode, painting your self-storage facility's metal doors and hallways may seen like a quick, inexpensive fix.  A fresh coat of paint can definitely go a long way in your office, facility bathroom, and other common areas within your facility.  When it comes to your metal self- storage doors and hallways, consider the following four items before you go all-in on a paint job.


self storage doors paint vs replace infographic


If you're still thinking about how best to tackle the paint vs. replacement debate, here are a few pro tips to consider:


  1. Door replacements can often be cost segregated and save you money at tax time. 
  2. Painting cant fix rust, seal gaps, make it easier for your tenants to open their doors. 
  3. If you're looking for a reason to justify rental increases to your current self-storage renters, new doors make for a great justification.  
  4. Some self-storage industry insurance and property protection providers actually offer discounts when you replace the doors at your facility.

Are you still planning on repainting your self-storage doors and hallways? Hopefully by now we've changed your mind. People tend to love a cheaper and easier fix. Painting over your doors may sound like the better idea, but in reality it only creates more problems. When you have doors that are already chipping, cracking, flaking, rusted, etc., the paint you're slapping on top of that won't last you long and will only cost you more money in the long run. 

Replacing your worn out doors definitely has it's benefits! Not only are your customers more willing to do business with you, it gives you the ability to charge a little extra a month for those new and improved unit doors. Score! 

Now, who's ready to start their door replacement project?

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Wanna see more?

Check out this video to see how partnering with Janus International can help you transform your existing self storage facility. 


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