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Janus and Trojan Storage: A Good Thing Gets Even Better

Jan 11, 2024

Janus International Group has just announced that it is broadening its partnership with Trojan Storage, which intends to expand its install base of award-winning Nokē smart locks across its 43 facilities.

Janus and Trojan have currently partnered to bring Nokē smart technology to 5,000 units across nine of Trojan’s facilities to date, so taking this relationship to the next level is a move that confirms Trojan’s commitment to providing a first-class smart storage experience for its customers.

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with the rollout of the Nokē system across nine of our facilities. Integrating Nokē ONE smart locks and Nokē’s technology at our entry points has enabled us to further our commitment to providing a first-class storage experience for our customers,” said Brett Henry, President of Trojan Storage. “Modernizing the self-storage experience is very important to us, and we’ve used individual door security products from other companies in the past that simply did not meet our needs. After deciding to move forward with the Nokē system by Janus at our first nine properties, we are thrilled with the results and are extremely excited by what the technology enables for our customers and in streamlining our operations.”

Janus’s Nokē Smart Entry system is a complete digital access solution, comprised of keyless smart entry points, smart keypads, and smart electronic locks that fit seamlessly to both roll-up and swing doors. Nokē smart locks were built and designed with self-storage owners and customers in mind, helping to improve the security of individual self-storage units, providing a more convenient customer access experience, and automating labor-intensive operational processes like lock checks and overlocking. The Nokē Smart Entry System by Janus combines its best-in-class self-storage offerings with new and innovative technologies to redefine the total self-storage experience.

“We’re very excited to continue to grow our partnership with Trojan Storage. Trojan’s emphasis on modernizing the self-storage customer experience aligns with our focus of providing a more convenient and secure experience for the self-storage industry through our innovative Nokē technology,” said Ramey Jackson, Janus’s Chief Executive Officer.

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