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Addressing the Hottest Questions in the Commercial Door Industry

Apr 07, 2020

5 Hot Questions On Steel Roll Up Doors 

Are you having an issue with your Steel Roll Up Door or wanting an answer to a specific question, whether it pertains to sizing, price, or even refinishing? You're in the right place! This blog addresses the 5 most common questions received by the Industry's Top Commercial Door Manufacturers! 

1. Why is my Roll Up Door hard to open/close?


If your Roll up Door is hard to open or close, your issue is likely with spring tension.

  • If the door operation is easy to close, but hard to open; spring tension needs to be increased.
  • If the door operation is hard to close, but easy to open; spring tension needs to be decreased.


But Wait! Janus has developed a simpler method of tensioning... The ratchet tensioning device provides more accuracy and allows you to fine tune all the springs on your door at the same time! This simultaneous method provides equal spring tension on both sides of the door, ensuring a balanced operation every time. Only minimum labor required!


Just remember, spring tension adjustments must be made by a trained rolling door technician. Refer to the Commercial Installation Guides for tension adjustment procedures!


2. What is the True Value of a Steel Roll up Door


When investing in an Industry Leading Manufacturer, you're getting much more than a simple door! You're getting quality, service, support and long term cost savings through sustainable products. With Steel Roll up Doors, there are fewer parts to install and adjust, which contributes to minimized maintenance and labor.

Thanks to their compact and innovative design, Steel Roll Up Doors are also armed to resist damage. Industry leaders pre-grease springs in their factory and enclose them inside of a barrel for easier use and extra protection! This means spring installation is not required, and the installation of your doors is fast and safe. This step protects the doors from harmful environmental elements, allows them to last longer, requires less maintenance, and helps them achieve higher cycles!

Janus Commercial Steel Door Barrel


3. Can I paint my Roll Up Door?


Layering another coat of paint on top of an already degraded surface is like taping a tarp over a broken car window - It's an unsustainable fix! That rain will fall and you'll be back to square one. Similarly, repainting your doors is a temporary fix that can cost you more in the long-run. When you replace your door, you're getting a fresh product that will last you years to come!


"But paint is cheaper"...  While this is true, the chalky surface you're trying to cover up will just come back. That fade, it'll show up again! Not to mention, paint can be tricky to apply to a door on the job site, and it takes several coats to achieve an even finish. When you layer another coat of paint on an old roll-up door, you're adding weight that will alter the operations of your door. Replacing that door will leave you with a lighter, more efficient and easy to operate product.


Repainting is a never ending process! Replacing your Overhead Door is the only way to ensure it will look it's best for years to come.


The best doors in the industry are constructed of full hard galvanized grade 80 steel and coated with a super durable polyester paint that's backed by a 40 year film integrity and a 25 year no-fade limited paint warranty. To view  colors options and to learn more about these sustainable products and finishes, click here!


Cover Up Ad Image

Don't Settle For a Bad Cover Up!


4. What are the standard sizes available for Commercial Roll Up Doors?


Commercial Doors come in a variety of options, ranging in sizes to fit a breadth of applications. Some manufactures produce these doors up to 20' wide and 18' tall! For more specific sizing information on Janus Roll Up Doors, view our line of Commercial Roll Up Doors to see which product fits your need!


5. I have a low ceilings, will a Roll Up Sheet Door work in my space?


A major benefit to Roll Up Sheet Doors is their compact design! Thanks to their minimal headroom and backroom requirements, these overhead doors can accommodate a wide variety of applications!

For specific requirements on each of our commercial doors here at Janus, check out our Commercial Drawings!

interior view of roll up steel doors inside freight terminal

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