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5 Tips for Upgrading Your Self-Storage Gate for Better Security

Sep 20, 2021

Upgrading Your Self-Storage Gate for Better Security

As a self-storage owner operator, your biggest duty is to the safety and security of your tenants and their belongings. After all, if you can't offer a safe place for them to come and store their things, what's the pull for them to rent a unit from your facility? Offering a safe self-storage experience starts at the gate - That's why we're providing you with 5 expert tips on upgrading your self-storage gate and gate operator for better security.

TIP 1: Toss the Keys and Codes

By implementing an app based access control system, you can ditch the easily forgotten keys and gate codes, outdated padlocks and say goodbye to sub-standard security measures. The tenant can download a custom branded smart entry app on their mobile device to rent units, open the gate and unlock access points and unit doors via Bluetooth electronic smart locks. Not only does this make the customer experience more convenient, but it increases your site's security too.

With Bluetooth electronic smart locks, you'll know exactly who is coming and going from your facility at all times. If a tenant needs to share access to their unit, they can do so securely with a temporary digital key. This key is revocable at any time and all access activity during the key sharing period is recorded for the tenant and operator.

The best part of app based access control is taking advantage of remote management. Remote management doesn't mean you have to get rid of your on-site manager, but it does mean your manager can have more time back in their day for important tasks. They can now unlock the gate (and unit doors) remotely, from anywhere at anytime. This means, if a tenant is having trouble getting onto the site or opening their unit, the manager can stay where they are while opening the gate or unit door from their smart phone or online web portal. This enhances the customer experience while making life easier for the owner operator. too



TIP 2: Implement Way-Finding and Tenant Location Tools

Accessing and navigating self-storage facilities has never been easier. Class A facilities are implementing one-touch features at the gate, which allow the tenant to navigate your facility, unlocking access points and even the individual unit door, completely hands free. All they have to do is accept a push notification or press a button on the app home screen when they arrive at the gate.

Once they enter the self-storage facility, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to find a unit in the sea of self-storage, especially if you're a first-time renter, shared key user or a tenant who doesn't visit their unit very often. That's what makes wayfinding features so important. The tenant can press "locate my unit" from the app home screen, the unit will start making a sound and then blinking for roughly 15 seconds to help the tenant find their unit quickly and painlessly.

TIP 3: Take Security to the Individual Unit

When you pair your smart gate access with smart locks on every unit door, you can change the way you think about securing your self-storage facility and protecting your investment. Not only do smart locks open a variety of benefits for the tenant, but they make life easier for the owner operator too by automating processes like lock checks and overlocking too. 

With traditional locks, site managers would have to walk around the site and put eyes on every unit door to ensure none were left unlocked or open. Now, managers can digitally check for unlocked units, and lock those units remotely. In addition, managers have access to unlock any available unit to show a potential tenant on site. 

When you take security to the individual unit with mobile entry and electronic locks, you enhance the customer experience too. This allows operators to offer premium units that call for higher rental rates.

TIP 4: Install Thermal Motion Sensors 

Thermal motion sensors are becoming one of operators favorite security products in the self-storage industry, as they help detect and prevent criminal activity from occurring at your facility. These thermal motion sensors are designed to recognize drive-up or interior unit activity, so you'll know immediately if someone is lingering by the gate or living in a unit. In the event of any unauthorized activity, a text alert will be sent to your smart device.

TIP 5: Offer 24/7 Live Support

With any automated system, it's important to have sufficient support in place to satisfy tenants and take care any problems that arise quickly. Look for a provider that offers live phone and email tech support to your tenants,  no matter the time or day.

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