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DOING MORE WITH LESS: Driving Operational Efficiency with Smart Technology

Feb 01, 2024

Owner operators as well as tenants are always on the lookout for ways to make their lives easier and more efficient when it comes to self-storage. And as both groups have discovered, Nokē is a revolutionary smart solution that has offered not only greater convenience, but also increased peace of mind.

But don’t take our word for it, the best way to learn about the effect Nokē has had on a facility’s success is to speak to the owners themselves, the ones who have trusted their facilities to Nokē. An exclusive webinar was held that allows you to hear directly from owner operators about how Nokē has worked for them. Jenn Shaver, Director of Customer Care for Janus International Group, hosts this webinar, which features a panel of Nokē customers including Travis Morrow (President, National Self Storage/CEO, Storelocal,) Mark Poole (Director of Operations, Liberty Investment Properties,) and Adam Wagner (President, Superior Storage.)

This webinar focuses on how self-storage owner operators are leveraging smart 
technology to:

  • Enable Remote Management
  • Drive Labor Savings
  • Improve Site Security & Enhance their Customer Experience
  • Leverage Data to Make More Informed Business Decisions

Watch the full webinar here and learn more about how Nokē’s smart approach has helped these owner operators increase profits while enhancing the customer experience.


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